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  1. Hello Will... finishing up one this week... will add the pics when done... Thanks!
  2. Hello Will... did you find all the parts you're looking for... I make custom Arri style grips with power options... Arthur!
  3. Thank you Tyler... We're decided strip it and to send the body to the Lab as a printer... They feel stock is not an issue... and that black thing is being investigated...
  4. Thanks Mark . . . very good point, I too think it should go on to have a very rewarding life...
  5. Thank you Dom for you professional opinion... I agree, but i think I have found a use for it...Bi-Pak printing films with sound tracks... I found somebody that is trying to do this. This could give them a big upgrade over their current method. Using only the body... no lens mount or view finder...just the body and the mag. Thanks Dom
  6. OK... So I take it... that this camera should be parted out... It's a white elephant... no one cares if it gets dismembered and stripped for parts? A!
  7. Yes, I do the same except the inside corner radius of the gate matches the radius corner of my tool.... also the tool is ultra highly polished with a zero abrasion factor. Arthur
  8. I need to delete all me posts and close my account... thought this was a serious forum... was wrong about that!
  9. That's where it all began as we remember... the movie theater. that bigger than life image... I found in my years of research into why film is how it is... and my findings were that 24 fps is just the right frame rate to deliver the suspension of disbelief or willing suspension of disbelief has been defined as a willingness to suspend one's critical faculties and believe the unbelievable; sacrifice of realism and logic for the sake of enjoyment. By shooting basic film you get this effect. BAM simple as that!
  10. WOW... moving the gate????? that sounds like moving from one can of worms to a different can of worms moving the gate involves the film path... why mess with perfection...???
  11. I just might... I have many 8mm that i've stripped for parts... many still waiting...
  12. Very good point... advancements in technologies that the millennials along with others (self included) have embraced. That's why all the modifications are not done by hand! Rather Precision CNC technology...
  13. Minimize your loading and film handling and us a Bolex EBM with 400' mag and ability to shoot long takes.... PLUS can be any format you want!
  14. Oh Simon... I agree with everything you've mentioned... but that was then and now things have changed... Film is just the capture mechanism... the camera can withstand the changes. Adapting to newer trending image formats allows you to expand into that world. Living is the old school puritan sense is fine... But there is a natural evolution happening and Bolex is a mighty enough camera to grow. so, I bought my own professional machine shop to do the work. just my opinion.
  15. I assume you are shooting film... Have you tried a more narrow shutter ... Adjusting the shutter speed. Also, matching the frame rate of the TV footage to the frame rate be shot. that's my experience with shooting a CRT or a TV set and not have rolling or other artifacts. Arthur!
  16. W ell wouldn't that be the same as audio from a film projector...the sync point is far enough (actually the same distance) away so that it glides smoothly over the sound head. As for camera noise... well yeah, you might be more limited... shot something louder than the camera would be perfect!
  17. Hello Everyone.... OK I found this EBM the is setup to record audio on to 16mm film while shooting... Well that's one way to get SYNC sound... It all looks very complete, but would anyone, today, still use this device? The reason I ask is that I'm planning to remove it... but it seems a shame to trash such vintage technology. any thoughts on this opportunity? Arthur!
  18. Dom... I finally have the shutter aligned perfectly... it took adjusting both. But what's most interesting to me is how almost all REX series cameras with variable shutter are a tiny bit out-of-phase. Shocking!
  19. so which do you adjust? the gears on the claw? or the shutter blade itself... adjusting the gear is making big incremental jumps... not fine tuning. and I only find this phase problem with variable shutters on the REX.
  20. Other than the obvious Out-of-phase problems. is there a way to determine that your shutter is perfectly in phase? I shot some camera tests and and some scenes revealed a phase issue and some were ok.... weird! why would this be? Arthur!
  21. Thanks Tyler, Hum... been watching ebay for quite sometime already... I can just make one with a couple of 7 pin Amphenol connectors and and button switch. Thanks again!
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