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  1. ... A stunning film and one when you've seen it you'll never forget... Very poetic, brutal, shocking, and full of many truths... I'd urge anyone here to get a copy of it...
  2. This Hd feature was Dop'd and operated by me in December 2007 and has finally got an initial release in the North West. I thought it was never going to see the light of day so am pleased people are going to get to see it at last - it's my first, and only, feature to date. Basically it's a modern day Ealing comedy set in a scrapyard in recession hit Liverpool. It's got a great cast of British character actors, many from a cult series called Pheonix Nights, The Office, Cold Feet etc. It was shot for a very modest £200k and we really had to think on our feet. I saw a press screening at Cannes 2 years ago and was overall pleased with my work, though a couple of new scenes had been shot by a 2nd unit who I would have liked to have an input on but that's another story... I shot on an F900r with digi-primes and used sfx and classic soft filtrations. Focus pullers Dan Gadd, Steve Gardner, Clapper loader Danny Mendietta. There's a trailer and behind the scenes film at the website: http://www.northstarproductions.co.uk
  3. ... not sure what you mean Phil... this film doesn't glorify the war - it's more about the emotion and endurance of the (very) young pilots who fought then. And it's based on a very powerful memoir. Perhaps you may have watched it... Main unit was a 750 with adaptor to reduce the stop with Zeiss Primes. Dop was Mark Wolf, Focus Puller Gordon Segrove.
  4. .... Please take a look. I did 2nd unit duties (on a 7D with Zeiss primes) on this drama-doc as part of BBC'S Battle of Britain series. 'On at 9pm on BBC and runs for 80 mins... http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00ttjz0
  5. 'seen the trailer too and it leaves me pretty non-plussed... cgi cgi cgi...
  6. ... Looks interesting Max... good luck with it. Rupe
  7. Casper Leaver, who shoots a lot of the car test/exterior stuff, has posted on here before, you should be able to get hold of his details to 'mail him your questions...
  8. thanks... on the tech recce for this scene we'd planned to put the lights in various places and had talked about the coverage. On the day the director decided to change how it played, and ultimately it made for a much better scene, in the blocking, lights and coverage...
  9. Hi anyone... - There's a few clips of this feature I Dop'd up on my site. Please take a look. The files are from an avid cut and don't show the final quality but give a good guide. The producer is dealing with a distributor at the moment so hopefully it'll get some kind of release soon... (hopefully before I go grey!..) click on: http://www.rupewhiteman.com/home.html Cheers.
  10. 'Just seen it and was a bit underwhelmed. Is it Bond or Bourne? 'Not sure that the producers quite know themselves... and the plot was a bit dull and convoluted... Very crisply shot, as I'd expect, but again for me nothing really stood out. Title seq. and theme both poor...
  11. Rupe Whiteman

    Into the Wild

    ... you're pretty quick to jump to conclusions - you only started the thread yesterday mate... And maybe they might be busy working?! Me? - 'Afraid I can't comment as I haven't seen it yet. 'Like the look of what I've seen though...
  12. ... I've got a new website up... there are a few clips... http://www.rupewhiteman.com/home.html
  13. Mevlan... tried to pm you my website link which includes clips from a feature I've recently shot... http://www.rupewhiteman.com/home.html but your inbox was full! Regards, Rupe
  14. ... just watching the trailers puts me off... looks pretty hokey... I'll save my money.
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