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  1. Hey i couldn't find the 304 on eBay, but there is a 301. seems like the same thing, just 1 XLR port instead of 4? You think i could go one of those and then the lentequip cable? thanks so much for your help! Harry
  2. Anyone on here selling a 24v 3pin charger for the Arri sr3?? Having a real tough time tracking one down. Lentequip sells a set up, but its 1500. Wild. Really in a tough spot trying to find one. Had bought one from Duall in NYC for around 250, but it ended up frying in europe. If anyone has one for sale or any leads on one please give me a holler. Theres one on eBay for 650 but its looking a little crazy. thanks! Harry
  3. Hey. Any way youd part with the charger? Im in a pinch trying to find one and it seems impossible. If not, got any info on the one you have? Really having trouble trying to track one down. Thanks! Harry
  4. its the H16 RX version. look it up. but thanks.
  5. hey thanks for your reply Giorgio. great contribution. have a good one man,
  6. Looking to sell my Angenieux 12-120mm C mount Zoom Lens. Lens is in perfect working condition with no scratches, fungus or haze. a few minor cosmetic scratches on the body, non of which affect the performance of the lens. Asking price is 950 OBO. feel free to give call or text me at 7742660358 or shoot me an email at hrhagan@gmail.com for any photos or other info about the lens. thanks a bunch! Harry
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