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  1. Hey guys, I am keeping my eye out for baseplates that would be compatible for my Arri SR1 super 16mm. How necessary is it to have an original Arri SR baseplate as opposed to something more modern? Are there alternate options to the originals? What are the advantages to a baseplate for the Arri SR? weight distribution? Thanks for any and all thoughts! Mitch Lucas
  2. Hey guys, I recently purchased a Chrosziel CMB-ST mattebox that has a 142.5mm opening, and it came with a rubber bellows that covers to 110mm. As it turns out, I want to use Zeiss super 16 lenses that have an 80mm opening. I have looked around and the adapters are either costly or back ordered. Does anyone have any cheaper solutions for covering the opening to prevent light leaks? Any leads would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mitch Lucas
  3. Thanks Skylar, message sent.
  4. I was very inspired by the cinematography of this film! It seemed as though so many elements worked in conjunction with each other to achieve the period look. Beautiful job.
  5. Thanks Peter, i appreciate your thoughts. Does anyone recommend a good basesplate for the Arri SR? Other than the original? and compatible follow focus units?
  6. thanks Peter, If you wan to message with how much you're wanting for the hand grip that would be great.
  7. recommendations of compatible follow focus units on the ARRI SR lighweight support would also be helpful.
  8. Hey Guys, I've been trying to fill out my Arri SR1 Super 16 for my next shoot and I am unsure of what would be compatible with my system. I'm looking for a baseplate, and I'm not sure if certain ones are incompatible with the SR since the screw is off-centered. It's a bit confusing to me, and I am interested in attaining something lighter than the original baseplates. I'm also not sure if those would have problems if it was converted to Super 16. I also cannot find the original hand grip, and if you guys could recommend one that people have used with this system I'd really apprecia
  9. Does anyone know of any super 8 meetups or groups in NYC? Would love to meet some like minded filmmakers in the area. Best, Mitch Lucas www.mitchlucas.com
  10. Thanks Bengt, I have since returned this lens on ebay. unfortunately it was not right for my uses. I hope to get one in Arri B sometime soon.
  11. Thanks so much for the info! at this point I will most likely just consider selling or returning it, as this looks like a more involved project than I can take on at the moment.
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