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  1. How are you processing the film? Lomo tank?
  2. Hello, I found a roll of 12 ft of a Kodak Telecine Exposure Calibration Film on 35mm. It is sealed. SO, does that mean it is light-sensitive? I doesn't sound logical but I have no idea what is this film used for? Thanks!
  3. From where? The Fomapan site directly? Is it the reversal film you ordered?
  4. It would be great to have the resources and skills to build such a thing! I own a Morse tank and I have access to Lomo tanks but still, the loads are limited. Hopefully a solution will be around the corner. In the mean time, I keep on thinking about how to process bigger film loads.
  5. lI used baking soda for that with great results. I saw it on the web and tried it. I used borax before but it was too dangerous and not environmentally friendly. It is just and additonal step in the process.
  6. Indeed It was Gregg, but I don't remember where I found those images. I guess it was used for the same application as your spiral. Do you still own that 200 ft spiral? Can you post some pictures? For the Aaton Minima loads is great. I am very interested in getting to process myself. I have access to Lomo tanks and Morse ones but for longer loads thats a problem. I am part of a local co-operative. It will be great to have a process, primitive as may be. How do you imagine that feeder? Like the ones in pro labs?
  7. Probably this is not the thread I am supossed to be posting in but I don't know where else can it be. I got an old Etalon Automat A exposure meter but I have just a slight idea of how to use it. Apparently it works. At lesst the needle moves. Does any one have a pdf or perhaps point me the right way to how to use it correctly? It has a flap that cover the cell but I don't know if that position is the incident or the reflected lifgt measuring. I hope you can help. Thanks!
  8. Indeed, the work with the Morse is tedious. Thanks a lot for your insight, it helps a lot. What I don't like about the Caffenol is the lack of contrast, or at least the recipe I use is not very good at contrast.
  9. Sorry! That's what I meant: the runs back and forth.
  10. Hello! Two days ago I got a G3 Morse tank. Although I have used it several occassion in the studio I work at along the Lomo tank. I still can't figure out how to compansate processing time (Lomo) vs. turns (Morse). At the studio my partners help me by thelling me time instead of turns but I have read and researched on the web it is better to count turns on the Morse. Thanks!
  11. Thanks a lot! I will definitely make some tests beforehand. Even if I am shooting two characters with that, but not in the same frame, what thrills me is the fact that in the frame I uploaded, both characters are in the same frame and both are lighted to have that glow in their eyes! Indeed Blade Runner is a masterpiece.
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