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  1. Looking for cmotion cworld for my 3M cvolution lcs. If you're interested in selling yours, please give me a shout. Based in The Netherlands. rrheikens@hotmail.com
  2. Cine Tape sonar measure system for sale Set was serviced by Cinematography Electronics Inc. in California last year. Including: Cine Tape Measure Control Horn assembly Sensor cable Power cable 2x extension cables custom horn extension tubes custom bracket for horns on an lcs (focus / iris / zoom) motor original cine tape pelican case catalog price $6800,- USD asking price €4800,- including continental shipping for pictures please visit: https://steadicamforum.com/index.php?app=forums&module=forums&controller=topic&id=29657 or message me on: rrheikens@hotmail.com
  3. 2 x M26VE left (512 encoder) 2 x M21VE left (128 encoder) €1250 for complete motor set: motor, 0.8 gear, bracket & insert €1000 for 2 motors with gear, but without bracket & insert http://heden.se/acce.../motor-bracket/ (275 USD for a bracket & insert)
  4. *BLACK RF €1400 / $1540 OBO including international shipping, plus paypal
  5. Cmotion's MDR CAMera INterface and control unit for 8 motors, ARRI White Radio Module, compatible with 7 pin Lemo motor cables. The caminis the ‘brain’ of the cvolution lens and camera control system. The camin with ARRI White radio works with up to 3 separate wireless control units, drives lens and /or rig motors and can communicate with most of the popular film and digital cameras used in today’s broadcast and motion picture productions. The camin is equipped with an internal power booster. This ensures the digital motors are supplied with a constant and sufficient voltage even when using 12V video batteries. https://www.cmotion....87?category=101 Possible to control up to 8 channels (600 gr). Can be adjusted to a 2M (only controlling 2 channels), which only weighs half (255 gr). Also selling Heden M26Ve motors (€1250) that are compatible with the 2M or 8M camin List price €7820 Asking €1500 plus shipping, plus paypal located in Amsterdam, Holland
  6. 4 x M26VE with bracket & insert, 0.8 gear (32 pitch) left. compatible with all systems. €1250 each
  7. Alexa sold Still for sale: Heden M26 motors for Preston, Bartech, Cmotion, Chrosziel Cmotion 8M camin box for motor control
  8. Hedén Motors for sale 1 motor with bracket & insert €1250 1 motor no bracket & insert €500 Also selling: Arri Alexa Classic 16:9 2K with accessoires http://www.cinematography.com/index.php?showtopic=74063&hl=%2Barri+%2Balexa 8M Cmotion Camin with cables Cine Tape with cables and peli UDM-1 with cables and peli Lemo cables Cbus cable Based in Amsterdam | Nederland email me for additional information or photos: rrheikens@hotmail.com
  9. Alexa Classic 2k 16:9 (high speed license, 120 fps) 3348 operating hours comes with: flightcase bars / rods 15 /19 grips idx v-lock battery plate dovetail plate arri v-lock plate cables (evf cable, xlr, ext cable) shoulderpad raincover specs: http:www.arri.com/camera/alexa/cameras/camera_details/alexa-classic-ev/subsection/technical_data/ EUR 11.000,- incl. shipping from Amsterdam, Nederland. email me for more info: rrheikens@hotmail.com also selling: Cine Tape // UDM // Cmotion Camin 8M // Hedén M26VE & M21VE // Lemo cables // Cbus cable IMG_3152.JPG.pdf IMG_3154.JPG.pdf IMG_3171.JPG.pdf IMG_3172.JPG.pdf
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