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  1. I think the reason this happened was 80% of my footage and time was spent in the vack seat of a car shooting from the highway or the incredible bumpy pot holed roads lol
  2. What are you talking about..they wouldn't, i was eluting to the fact that with all the sfx I use, its too much work to find the sound fx on YouTube, then go to a YouTube-mp3 and convert them from a video file to an audio file.
  3. im not to sure about the 22hz I know a lot of the files i dl are .WAV files. and for the amount of sound effects I download (if you checked out the video link) its way to much of a pain to find and then have to convert each one to mp3 through some 3rd party site to download them.
  4. Hey everyone! I would love to hear your feedback on my latest film. This was a translation of my time spent in Baltimore and Washington during the trump election. I wanted to show the viewer what it felt like as I was waling through the streets during this incredibly tense time in Americas history. http://www.freshfinishmedia.com/canadian-filmmaker-washington-election/
  5. Honestly man, I would 100% recommend www.freesound.org I have used them to score almost every film I have done and they have what seems like an endless supply of sound Fx, and its completely FREE!! Here is an example of a film I just finished, EVERY SINGLE sound effect you hear in it was downloaded from that website. I hope this helps and I hope you enjoy the film!! Video Link: http://www.freshfinishmedia.com/canadian-filmmaker-washington-election/
  6. Hahaha i love this topic and i Love that second response, yeah man, they are mad tacky for sure. Like... Painfully tacky. For transitions, I actually try and film everything with a transition in mind, always try and start and stop my shot with a transition in case i decide i need it in post. I can show you exactly what I mean in the attached link. I have literally never found a "downloaded" transition pack that I have ever considered using haha Video Link: http://www.freshfinishmedia.com/canadian-filmmaker-washington-election/
  7. I LOVE cutting on motion! Or simply using the same motion, be it left to right, up to down, pan ins, pan outs or whta have you, i love when 2 shots seem like they just belong together, see what I mean in the Link, i mean i think i certainly use them more then most, but i feel like the result is amazing. TIP: ALWAYS SCORE YOUR WORK. These things end up working much better with accompanying sound fx Video link: http://www.freshfinishmedia.com/canadian-filmmaker-washington-election/
  8. Yep what you are looking for is a swipe pan or whip pan. I actually love using them to create a video that flows continuously. Up, down, left, right, it dosnt matter! You can really just use tour imagination with them. Check out one of my examples here, its got a really nice flow to it. http://www.freshfinishmedia.com/canadian-filmmaker-washington-election/
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