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  1. No I can't get a refund, I bought that camera almost one year ago. I clearly don't know who did that because the previous owner was a camera repairs technician for the german television... The problem is everything seems aligned and working. You can see throught the viewfinder, there isn't any vignetting and the mirror just works fine. Here are more pictures. Maybe I will make a clip of everything later. It's kind of hard to tell on pictures.
  2. Thank you David! I saw that video many times and wrote this guy an e-mail just before posting here. Hope that he has an idea... maybe even a solution.
  3. Hello everybody! I don't know what to do. I bought an Arriflex 16 BL some while ago and fixed all the little problems I had. The camera runs great and looks good. But on a closer look, there was some "goo" / sealing I've noticed around the ground glas. I've noticed that a while ago but never bothered since I had other issues to deal with first. Now that I've removed the ground glass, cleaned everything up & put it all together I've noticed this "gap" between the ground glas & the body. There are also some homemade spacers that creates the gap by pushing the whole mechanism back. I don't know, maybe someone tried a super 16 conversion and failed... No one that I know that has worked on 16 BL models seams to have a clue... I've posted in several forums & asked a few guys. Nothing. I would be extremely happy to have someone here that could help me. Here an images after cleaning. Notice the strange parts behind the plate that seem homemade. thank you!!
  4. The link seems to work now! Thank you! Josh
  5. Hey Duncan! Thank you very much! I got some pdf's about the Arriflex BL but I take everything I get to help me understand that camera! I sure will read your document. I just can't open that link... would you mind sending it to me via email? Joshua.ewert@hotmail.de thank you anyways! Josh
  6. Hey Hunter! In Germany there is a company called "Silbersalz" that puts Kodak motion picture film into 35mm photography cans. Here is a video from their Youtube channel about the vision 3 200T with and without filters. You can even get a bundle of 50D, 250D, 200T and 500T with ECN-2processing, cintel scans and digital delivery for very cheap (60€ / $67 without delivery). That may help you to do some tests with 200T etc. https://silbersalz35.com Hope that helps a little bit! (If the video doesn't appear you can search for "Gods of Grain - The importance of FILTERS in PHOTOGRAPHY") Greetings! Josh
  7. Hey Bryan, thank you for your comment. I was told that they're 3 different motors for the BL. The regular one (the BL) which I think I have and can be used from 10-40fps. The BLE that can be crystal sync with an external device. I don't know if the BL can too. I think from what I understand you definitely need a device. The third one is a 42V. These are informations I got searching around but I'm still not sure. In the Arri user manual they refer to a "tuning fork" and a "crystal control" for sync sound with the "universal DC 12V Motor" which must be the BLE (10-40fps). I think I got things mixed up because I don't understand much about all that. Josh
  8. Hi everybody! I just started a new topic on "16mm" about the Arriflex 16BL with a question about sync audio with a non sync motor. I would like to ask more technical questions there if some people have knowledge to share! I wanted to start this topic here as an Arriflex enthusiast, looking for other enthusiast that still shoot with the old Arriflex 16mm models (16ST, 16M, 16BL etc...) Please share some test footage, documentaries, movies or short films you've shot on 16mm with those cameras. I would be pleased to come across some great footage! Also, I saw that a lot of film students used these cameras in the 90's and 2000's. Maybe there are some films online! thank you! Josh
  9. Hi everybody! My name is Josh and I am studying film in south Germany. For years I wanted to have a 16mm camera and a few days ago I bought myself an Arriflex 16BL with a lovely 10mm Schneider-Kreuznach. I absolutely love that camera. It just feels great and right. After finding some old Arriflex collectors selling spare parts that I needed (some screws and a power cable) I will soon have everything to shoot with it. I don't bought it with the intention to get the "film look" or to shoot "vintage footage". I simply would love to learn from that camera and grow as a cinematographer. I think that it will make me learn more about cinematography just as much as shooting stills on film made me a better photographer, I guess. I have the regular non sync 25fps motor and I don't need a motor that can run higher or lower framerates but after thinking about it, I would love to have the sync speed motor to consider shooting some short films on it. Does someone sells the sync speed motor for the BL? Is it possible to get audio synced with the non sync motor (as stupid as that might sound) or is the variation in speed too significant? Please share your experience with the 16BL, I would love to learn everything about it! Thank you! Josh
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