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  1. Hello all Was wondering if people think we are going to see more full frame cine zoom lenses come onto the market with more full frame cameras being released? I know Angenieux released the Ez series and Sigma brought out short range FF zooms, but do you think we shall see a lot more being released? Is it possible to make mid range cine zooms for full frame, or are the costs of making them always going to put them into higher price bracket? Many thanks Sam
  2. Still looking if anyone is thinking of selling one Many thanks Sam
  3. Here is a little comparison video from a London facilities company (shift 4) hope it’s of some use https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=XJYyqTfL5-g&time_continue=116
  4. Looking for a 4ft MYT Works slider Ideally in UK/EU if anyone is looking to sell one please get in touch Many thanks Sam
  5. Hi Miguel Really nice work, thanks for sharing and the breakdown of the scenes. Just wondering how you created some of the shapes/spots of lights on the walls and floor. Like around the light switches or on the floor when measuring, were they just with gobos or did you use any other glass or materials to create these? Many thanks Sam
  6. a bit more of an insight https://www.theguardian.com/film/2017/oct/02/oats-studios-secret-film-lab-sidestepping-hollywood
  7. Thanks for your replies I am looking to use it ideally with an Alexa mini, but do you think it would be ok with an Amira? the commercial looks really great Miguel, be also interested to hear your thoughts on the side way sway. Thats why i was wondering if the Flowcine Gravity one was also needed to eliminate that or if is ok with just the Serene. Many thanks Sam
  8. Hello I am going to be shooting a short soon and was looking to use this set up. I am hoping to have a look at it in a rental house soon, but was wondering if anyone has any examples of something they have shot in this set up to give me an idea of how it looks. Im also considering adding the flowcine gravity, but was interested with how the serene and handheld looked whilst walking. Many thanks Sam
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