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  1. Actually I think the constant speed motor that came with the camera could be the new model you're talking about. Is there a way to determine wether it's the new or the old one? Mine has a small box on the side - could that be the transistor your'e talking about? I'm pretty sure that the camera itself is on of the last that left the factory - it's from the beginning of 1975 according to Arri. It has a built in light meter which seems to be pretty rare? Regarding power supplies I've been looking into different solutions. I found a pretty standard Tilta V-mount plate that has a 8V output. To m
  2. I did notice the Jensen motor but I'm a bit hesitant to place a bid on it since it's probably very old and since it's so difficult to find any information about it. If someone here knows anything about it please tell us everything you know 🙂 Right now I'm trying to find the simplest and most reliable solution for crystal sync but maybe I will look into the possibility of converting the existing motors to crystal sync in the future if it turns out to be too expensive.
  3. Hi Recently I bought an Arriflex 16S/B G/S in very beautiful condition (will probably make another post about it in the near future). It came in the original box with Schneider primes, Angieneux zoom and all the good stuff. It also came with the original constant speed motor and the variable speed motor. I'm now searching for a crystal sync motor preferably the the Tobin TXM-22A. From what I've read it seems like these are now discontinued? Therefore I would like to hear if there are someone here who want's to sell theirs?
  4. I'm also very curious about how you did the modification Arthur?
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