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  1. Hi Dan, Is your camera kit still available for sale - please confirm to chris@thameside.tv Many thanks Chris
  2. Hi All - I am looking to buy the following camera : Red Camera scarlet-w epic-w gemini Also looking to buy a Arri Alexa Please email chris@thameside.tv or call +44 (0)1932 240305.
  3. I am selling the following Arri Alexa Mini camera. The kit is in "As New" condition and is fully functional with very low hours on from new. We are including the following within the Alexa Mini Camera package, Arri MINI camera with about 400 hours. ARRIRAW license and 4:3 license. Arri Viewfinder. Arri Viewfinder bracket Arri viewfinder cable Three 256G Cfast cards, One Card reader, One PL Mount and one Cable The camera is fully functional and in "As new" condition. For further details, please email chris@thameside.tv Many thanks Chris
  4. HI Derick - Please email me direct with regards to this - chris@thameside.tv Many thanks ChrIs
  5. Please let me know if you have a Canon 30 - 300mm Cinema lens available for sale. Ideally i require a EF mount. chris@thameside.tv Many thanks Chris
  6. Currently selling my Sony F55 - Just serviced by Sony Service Centre. The camera is in excellent condition. £13,500.00 GBP. Please let me know if you are interested chris@thameside.tv
  7. I am selling Arri Ultra Prime Lenses The set consists of the following: 24mm, 28mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 65mm,85mm, 100mm,135mm, All are metric ! These lenses are in "As New" condition. Please email me for further details chris@thameside.tv Many thanks Chris
  8. Selling the following Arri Amira Camera Condition: good Hrs: 2728 1 Case for AMIRA Camera 1 ARRI AMIRA Camera with Premium License 1 Amira 4K UHD License Key 2 ARRI AMIRA 2.4GHz Antenna 1 ARRI Lens Cavity Cover (PL Port Cap) 1 ARRI MVF-1 Viewfinder for AMIRA 1 ARRI Alexa Rubber eyecup 1 ARRI Viewfinder Short (0.5m/1.6 ft) Cable for AMIRA 1 ARRI Viewfinder Medium (1m/3.2 ft) Cable for AMIRA 1 ARRI PL LDS Lens Mount for AMIRA 1 ARRI AMIRA Camera Handle with viewfinder mount 1 ARRI WPA-1 Wedge Plate Adpator 1 ARRI BPA-3 Bridge Plate Adapter for AMIRA 1 ARRI VFA-2 Viewfinder Adapter for AMIRA 1 ARRI QRP-1 Quick Release Plate for WPA-1 (Amira) 1 ARRI USB Stick for AMIRA / MINI 1 ARRI KC-50 2m / 6ft Cable for AMIRA / MINI Power (Straight) 1 ARRI VEB-3 Viewfinder Extension Bracket 1 ARRI Bridge Plate for 19mm Rods 1 ARRI Bottom Dovetail 300mm / 12" (Balance Plate) 1 ARRI 440mm Ø 19mm Support Rods (pair) 3 Sandisk Cfast 2.0 120GB cards 1 Gold mount back plate Please email me for further details. Chris@thameside.tv Many thanks Chris
  9. Hi Robbie - Just seen your email with regards to wanting to purchase an Amira - I am selling one at a good price with a Arri warranty included. If you email me your details to chris@thameside.tv I can send you full specification and pictures hours e.t.c for you to look at. Look forward to hearing from you. Chris chris@thameside.tv www.thameside.tv
  10. We currently have a Arri Alexia Mini For Sale. The camera is in very good condition and is the following spec : ARRI Alexa Mini Camera Kit to include; 1 x Electronic Viewfinder (MVF-1) 1 x 1 x EVF Cable 1 x Mini Viewfinder Mounting Bracket (MVB-1) 2 x Mini Adaptor Plate (MAP-1) 2 x Mini Adaptor Plate (MAP-2) 2 x Mini Side Bracket (MSB-1) 1 x Rod Mounting Bracket (RMB-3) 1 x Centre Camera Handle (CCH-2) 1 x Battery Plate (BAP-1) with Gold Mount – 15mm 1 x Camera Shoulder Pad (CSP-1) 1 x Bridge Plate Adaptor (BPA-4) 2 x 15mm Bars (205mm) 1 x 2m Power Cable 1 x 15mm Reduction Insert 1 x Ethernet/RJ-45 Cable 1 x USB Stick 1 x Flight Case 1 x 120Gb Media Card 1 x Card Reader Please email me for further details - chris@thameside.tv
  11. ALURA 18-80. 3 years old The lens has had a full check up and is in excellent Optical condition. For Further details on this lens and other Arri lenses and cameras that I have available For Sale, Please contact chris@thameside.tv or call +44 (0)1932 240305 Many thanks Chris
  12. Hi Stewart, I believe we have one available for sale, please send me a message to chris@thameside.tv Kindest Regards Chris
  13. Hi all. I am selling the following equipment: Leader LV5333 - HDR Option, IDX battery mount and power supply ( ex demo ) boxed ! Arri Alexa 4:3 XR PLUS Camera kit 435 Advanced (3 perf) kit 235 4 perf kit 400’ mags x3 for 235 FF3 Follow Focus kits Willytec Follow Focus kit ARRI WLCS MK III KITS BOXX TX/RX kits IDX WEVI TX/RX kits 1000’ Arricam Mag 400' LT Arricam Mag 400' Arricam S.cam Mag Arricam Shoulder set Arricam SCB/MCB Arricam Medium Extension eyepiece Arricam LT 100% Top Vutrix 23” Quad Monitor in case 400’ 435 Steadicam mags (still New and Unused) Zeiss 6mm Ultra 16 lens Zeiss 8mm Ultra 16 lens Set of zeiss S16 Distagons T1.3 (9.5, 12, 16, 25mm) Ronford Atlas Head/ Ronford 3 stage legs / Spreader Strada Crane Please let me know if any of the above equipment is of interest to you or email me direct chris@thameside.tv Many Thanks Chris
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