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  1. I have 16-40 and 30-76 Optimo Style Zoom set plus 2X extender. Lenses have METRIC scale not Feet.You gotta contact to Bandpro for feet scale. for both zoom price 22K USD.. 2X Extender $4000 Local sale preferred. ( LA area )
  2. They rent nationwide and have 1 day shipping option.Why you dont wanna rent through them ?
  3. Why do you want a Raptor? Is it for rentals or for your personal projects? If its mainly for rentals i would say wait for XL which ll be around 38-40k smth. I own a Raptor and very happy with it.I dont need a bigger camera so XL is not an option for me and i can rent my camera like this on the jobs im on without a problem.
  4. did you make sure you removed the ramjet fully? use a baking soda and shake it for few minutes it ll clear the ramjet easily.
  5. Yes..I put Aaton Penelope on Sharegrid for rental nobody even asked once for last 4 years.If someone shooting film and using Aaton Penelope of course they would go through the rental company not Sharegrid.Also imagine investing 100k for a film camera trying to get that money back lol. If you are millionaire and have few hundred Ks to spend it for fun maybe...
  6. even top level highend ARRI digital cameras have lesser price tag than these cameras 🙂 isnt that funny?
  7. i mean if its worth more than 100K Arri should start producing brand new and more advanced models and sell those.
  8. If someone willing to pay 1M for a 416 plus kit does that make all the 416plus cameras worth 1M?
  9. and now sellers would say they are worth around 100K..which is bullshit
  10. I have Arricam LT Shouldermag 120/400 and Arri 435 Viewfinder Extension for sale. Here is the album for the photos.You can locally pick up in LA area. https://imgur.com/a/8B2oycO $2000 for the Arrimag $1200 for Viewfinder extension
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