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  1. Thats not how lenses work though? If you put 80mm Mamiya F1.9 lens on FF camera its still a F1.9 lens.You need to use an speedboster to make lenses with larger diameter image coverage faster on a FF camera.
  2. I have seen this movie in cinema and i remember the scenes you were talking about.I found that approach not very good looking and it looked like they just blown out those parts in post.
  3. Hello Stanislav have you seen State Funeral by Sergei Loznitsa? do you know what kind of cameras they have used for covering Stalins Funeral?
  4. Thank you for the reply! I wish we had more info on technical stuff for a movie like this.
  5. I recently seen the movie again with the commentary by Wim Wenders and he said they started shooting the movie in summer of 1983. Cine Lens Manual says Zeiss Superspeed Mark1 came out in 1983... Its suprising a movie like Paris , Texas influenced most DPs dont even have info about lenses and camera on anywhere.Not even on Cine Lens Manual book. I was looking at the BTS photos and looks like camera is 35BL III. I cant make up the lens though..It might be a Superspeed mk1 iris is all the way closed and on the front but i dont see any red focus markings its all white markings. Also they have used split diopter in more than 5-6 scenes. here s the ASC article about it https://docs.google.com/viewerng/viewer?url=https://cinephiliabeyond.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Robby-Müller-shooting-Paris-Texas-1.pdf&hl BTS
  6. 3x 1TB Cards $4500 ( BNIB sells for $7500 plus tax ) 2x Compact Reader $800 for both.($750 retail) One of them has a chip on the enclosure but does not affect anything. Local to LA!!! Willing to ship anywhere. Photos: https://imgur.com/a/uPOlD4W
  7. https://collider.com/oppenheimer-dialogue-christopher-nolan-comments/ Looks like it was an artistic choice.
  8. Its the city council and their mindless decisions.They cant stop or do anything about encampments. Only good thing about Long Beach is the weather.Other than that i havent seen lawlessness like this anywhere else in the world. It blows my mind how most of the people living in California thinks this is ok.Its a daily occurence for me to see someone stealing stuff from CVS or Target.
  9. I live in Long Beach since 2020 and its worse than Syria.I came here with my wife from 3rd world country and LA literally is a hellhole.We never seen a crime before in our lives but in last 5 years my wife became 2 times only eyewitness to a manslaugter.One of them she was looking out from a window (such an evil act aint it) and she saw a homeless dude beating up our old neighbor lady to death just because she tried to help him.Last week i had to call 911 because some other homeless stabbed this homeless who stole her homeless girlfriend. You dont see this in somewhere else thats why LA and California is a such a unique place. Other unique sightseeings of LA is you can see a homeless emcampent right across the elemantary schools where they smoke meth and defecate (or other lewd acts ) I wish i never got in industry and had another profession so i can move somewhere else to live that so called american dream where you can own a house nice family and send your children to nice schools with no gang activity.
  10. There s no chance 65mm 15perf resolves 18K details.Technically impossible i would say. 50MP Venice 2 is almost 2 times sharper than 65mm Vision negative which was shot on medium format camera and used same pentax lenses on both cameras. It would be fair comparing 4x5 film against todays digital cameras.I shoot 4x5 a lot 100 ISO mostly and they are not even sharper than my GFX 100s.
  11. Thank you for the insight Mr Mullen. Yes i was totally shocked when i saw 2 stop pushed 500T in that moonlight test.It was completely unusable. For Alexa 35 they said it only used in ES mode and i found ES mode creates a weird noise pattern and i talked to few other colorists they prefer non ES mode on Alexa 35 and use Resolve s denoise plugin. Im sure Arri will fix that in the future updates.
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