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  1. Thank you guys. They will be Camera Assistants and Production Assistants too.
  2. Have you tried this in Sydney? Daily rent. Equivalent to a Matthews Hi Hi - High Roller https://www.thefront.com.au/avenger-overhead-stand-58-with-braked-wheels-hire Something like a 'telescopic' menace, max load 10kg. The paranoid in me will have me securing another magic arm from the boom to the stand so that I have more than one connection point. https://www.thefront.com.au/manfrotto-juniorboom-d650-hire
  3. I went with 1000D Cordura. I imagine a black/white ultrabounce floppy used as a courtesy will have the white as the top and outer side and black as the underneath and inner side. Great idea as the white will bounce off heat and the black will help reduce glare on the monitors. Next DIY project might be that!
  4. Sorry to revive an old thread but dont want to start another thread for a small question: For suction cups there are those that you press a button to get the air out, and those that you pull a lever. Which one is stronger/better?
  5. A question of crediting; we are low budget indie and shooting DSLR. There aren't 1st or 2nd AC and the slatings will all be done by PAs. During crediting, are they still credited as PAs? Assuming we have budget to get assistants for our cam ops and their jobs are purely to assist the cam ops but they don't do focus pulling. Are they credited as 2nd AC and there is no mention of 1st AC at all? Thanx in advance.
  6. Good point about the noise. I think it will be noisy from the rain anyway but its a different sounding noise that might be unnatural to the scene. Sound guy / post guy's problem lol!
  7. I found some collapsible 4x4 Chinese frames that comes with diffusion silks. I wanted to have my local seamstress sew some black fabrics and floppies with Duvetyne. But now I was thinking a rain resistance fabric might be better for floppies? Ie courtesy and video village, especially in my local weather where short light rains are common. Wondering will black ripstop tent fabric do the job? I think Matthews has something known as "Wet Solids", is the material similar? PS: I don't use hot lights, all LEDS.
  8. Thanx so much mate, mystery solved. http://rocketfilmequipment.com.au/
  9. Sorry to bother, I obtained some used flags and was wondering where they are from, anyone recognize the logo? Back says designed in Australia, Made in Brazil.
  10. I remember reading this news: https://deadline.com/2015/03/injured-set-worker-husband-set-safety-1201389710/
  11. Thank you Phil. We could shoot after 6pm, when its near twilight, just that the during that time the ground floor is dining and wining timing. I am now considering to menace arm it out of the window and have the light point back. There is also Smith Weightlifting rack at the position which I can have the menace arm go over for additional support. Or we may scrap the idea, close the windows and set up the light from the other side and gobo it with a wall of venetian blinds, its not accurate to real life structure of the location, but it may work on camera, a lot less work and much safer.
  12. I have an upcoming shoot that I need a hard light outside a third floor window to simulate the late afternoon sun, and using haze and venetian blinds for the light rays. The light is probably a Aputure 300 or 120, shaped with a bowen reflector and barndoors. Location's first level are pubs and coffeeshops so human traffic are aplenty. Original plan was to shoot in the early morning with lesser human traffic, having the light on a raised Matthews Hi Hi roller stand, or even two Hi Hi with a short goal post, but it now seems that we probably have to shoot in the daytime so having the light raised from the ground floor is a no go. The building is also in the shade most of the time due to it surrounded by high rise buildings so the natural light outside is probably not hard or directional enough to create the light rays. I am wondering if its possible to rig it to the window grilles instead? They are made of wood, pic attached.
  13. Paracords are rated for 550lbs? IMHO, do not underestimate the power of wind.
  14. Have you considered C-Stand rolling cases or bags? Matthews, Sachlter, Impact, Lightware, Tenba, etc They usually only holds the Turtle base versions, Rocky Mountains no go. I just bought two Impact: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1241011-REG/impact_lkb_rcs_light_kit_bag.html (still on holiday discounts as of now) They usually hold 2 per case and fit snugly. The Matthews rolling holds 3. My thoughts are that because these cases are rectangular they stack well and easy for the cart alongside with other rectangular cases for lights. The padding will also protect the client's property against bumps and scratches during transport. In the car, it is also more versatile to load in 2-3 cases (you got choices), versus 1 big case.
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