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  1. I was curious if anyone had any information on this movie? Ballhaus didn't shoot it, rather Xaver Shwarzenberger, and It appears to be more heavily diffused than some of Fassbinder's other work. I'm wondering what lenses and filtration were used and how to go about achieving the look of the movie. The closest I've come is using a strong - number 3 - Classic Soft, or a Duto diffusion, on older Zeiss lenses, but it's still not capturing the look of this movie. Thanks for any help.
  2. Thanks! Curious as to what filters and what strength you used? It does have that soft creamy look but remains sharp, as others have stated, and I think I'm getting closer to it but still not there yet.
  3. It has been awhile since anyone has posted in this thread, but I have the same question as the OP, and was curious if any new information is known regarding what lenses, filtration, etc. were used on this movie, especially the opening ten minutes or so? Thanks.
  4. Is there anyone else looking forward to the new Paul Schrader movie, "First Reformed"? Or has anyone caught it at any of the festivals it's played? It sounds a bit like "Winter Light" and "Taxi Driver". I know Schrader has been hit or miss for the past twenty years, but he can still surprise and make a haunting movie like "Auto Focus", so I'm hoping this is on that level in terms of quality. Here's the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCF5Y8dQpR4 They shot a 1: 37 : 1 aspect ratio, but it doesn't say the camera or lenses used, does anyone have information regarding that? The cinematographer is Alexander Dynan, the same gentlemen who shot Schrader's previous movie, "Dog Eat Dog". It's released in select cities on the 18th in America, and I have badgered their twitter page for information about a release date for Canada and have yet to receive a reply but will post it once I know.
  5. Just to correct something: I've seen Life on Mars, that's why I said you'd sold me on "Collateral". Apologies for any confusion.
  6. It was the best movie of last year by far. Possibly Anderson's best movie after "Punch-Drunk Love", with "The Master" close to both. Leslie Manville, I mean, come on. And Alma is one of the more fascinating characters created for the screen in some time. The story is very much like the movies it's inspired by while also maintaining a bit of a fairy tale undertone and mood to it.
  7. Hey everyone, I've got a Rokinon 12mm 2.8 fisheye lens I'd like to sell. It has an EF mount for Canon. It has been used twice: I bought it and used it for a few beach shots and then went away for three months, came back, and used it only once more. I'd be shipping from the wilderness in British Colombia so I can't provide an idea of a shipping fee until the buyer's location is known. My reason for selling it has nothing to do with the quality, I just have no use for such a wide angle lens currently - I have enough lenses, I need more lighting equipment so that's where the money would be going to. I'd part ways with this lens for around $525 Canadian, although that's not fixed. If anyone is interested, I can post pictures or whatever else will be of help.
  8. I just want to throw in as well, just so you have some more options: Tiffen Glimmerglass. It has a particular look to it that may or may not be suited for what you're after. I'm sure others here can explain why that is better than I can.
  9. Well I got extremely lucky with some searches and found a replacement for half the price. Sticking with it, although the Scandles sound tempting, very tempting. Thanks you guys for giving me suggestions.
  10. That's what I'm hoping for, they're beautiful lights. I will look into the alternatives you mentioned, thank you.
  11. Classic Softs would work well. I know Kaminski used them on "Funny People".
  12. Just wanted to say I really enjoyed the movie and loved the look of it and found it to be one of the best movies of the previous year and sure to become a cult classic as I think it is already. Is Mr. Mullen going to be working with Anna on her new project?
  13. Interesting. And thanks a lot - I'll be doing some tests this week and see what pans out.
  14. Hey Robin, my apologies, I'm new to this or I would've quoted your text here instead of . . . typing that. I didn't think you were arguing either, just talking about why I should see what the Sony can really do. I'm always willing and open to change my mind on most things. "Life on Mars" - you've sold me now. Once I'm through with "Babylon Berlin" I'll give either "The Crown" or "Collateral" a shot, I appreciate the recommendations.
  15. "Cafe Society" was saturated (a little too much when it came to shooting Kristen Stewart in a few shots), but "Wonder Wheel" had a bit more of a candy-coloured romanticism to it that made it look a bit more aggressive than "Cafe Society", for me, anyway. Not to knock on the movies or Storaro. As for Allen: anyone can make an allegation and the fact is only two people know the truth so I'm with you in continuing to watch his movies not only because he's made me laugh so much, but also because when he's writing well, damn is it good.
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