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  1. Thank you so much for your insights sir. I will definitely experiment more to see what i like most.
  2. Amazing examples. Do you have any for night interior?Im watching some horror low key lighting bts and they have 4300-4500k wb on camera but im not sure what their keylight is set at. I wish i can share images but its probably copyright. Thanks again. I am going to have to try warm key cool fill.
  3. Thank you so much david and phil.Phil for your example, do they use a 3200 temp keylight then HMI as backlight? Im trying to test all the examples David has given but im not liking how 3200 lights and 4500 wb in post looks. Its too warm hahaha
  4. Team good evening!I mostly learn cinematography from forums and behind the scene videos. Can anyone tell me why i see so many bts videos where peoole shoot at 4300 kelvin indoors?
  5. That makes sense. As long as your contrast ratio is good to go. The most simplest way to adjust exposure would be nd filters. Thank you.
  6. Ryan. Thank you for the reply. I totally understand skin tones level depends on the situation. I am more confused now that ever though. It looks like the screenshots in his blog have low levels but the actual reel he has for the same scenes are regular levels. Hopefully he can answer my question. Maybe the screenshots above are just pre-grade and are not really touched. Also, you mentioned ND. He does use a lot of ND indoors. What other benefits does ND have inside other than letting you shoot wide open? Thank you again for your time.
  7. Hello. First off i would like to apologize for my english for its not very good. I have been listening to a wanderingdp's podcasts and I really dig his images. However, when pulling his screenshots in Resolve I see that his shots are sitting between 0-300 IRE. Unfortunately I dont have a way to watch his final products but in theory, is this where one would want his levels to be for low light interiors. They look really good on a computer or a cellphone but I need your 0.2 cents on this matter. Please see attached image from his site wanderingdp.com. Thank you in advance and I can't wait to hear from you. Image credit to Patrick Sullivan of wanderingdp. http://wanderingdp.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/Lomo2.jpg» http://wanderingdp.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/12-2.jpg»
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