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  1. It's not a blue/green screen test .. but is very interesting
  2. I found this test online ... except from the super organic grain the way it handles the highlights is amazing
  3. And this one Rank Cintel Millenium II https://www.reelone.fi/en/index.html
  4. This one has has Cintel DSC & C -Reality https://www.yalefilmandvideo.com/transfers.php
  5. But as Tyler said it's now CMOS and LED ... only the chassis is the same
  6. Your mucking suggestion is very hopeful .. i'll have to experiment with this Then the Spirit looks to be the best available option
  7. First of all congratulation for your really great advices !! Can you suggest me some post houses with CRT telecines ? Also what is the maximum resolution you can get from a CRT telecine ? Thank you very very much !!!!
  8. Sorry .. i didn't express my question the right way and i confuse you 🙂 I don't mean the look of Terminator i mean the look of the Duclos video
  9. I was suprised by this "neon noire" Terminator's style image of the Duclos 2X rear anamorphic .. and i'm trying to figure out the mechanism behind this effect and how to achieve it without any anamorphic convertion (Btw all the shots appears to be with naturall light .. and if you consider that they used an Angenieux 25-250 HR wide open plus the one stop loss by the the anamorphic element .. it seems amazing that they achive this high quality exposure)
  10. I'm a bit confused .. i thought the first Angenieux 25-250 was meassured as T3.9 and now i see a T4.1 meassure on this rental ... Any ideas what's going on ?
  11. (May he used again the kinoptic 9.8mm on full metal jacket .. i don't know .. i just haven't found a shot that looks like 9.8) But on EWS larry smith said the wider they used was the 18mm
  12. Very old topic but let's update it The last movie he used Angenieux zoom lenses was Barry Lyndon .. after that only the Cooke 20-100mm (there is a possibility that may he used them again on Full metal jacket) THE SHINING : -Kinoptic tegea 9.8mm -Angenieux 14.5mm -18mm Cook panchro (zeiss super speeds 18mm was not released yet) -25-35-50-85mm Zeiss Super Speeds T1.4 (b speeds) -Zeiss Standard Speeds -Cooke varotal 20-100mm T3.1 FULL METAL JACKET : -Angenieux 14.5mm - Zeiss super speeds T1.4 (b speeds) - Zeiss standard speeds - Cooke varotal 20-100mm T3.1 - Lots of Nikon's stills converted - tilts & shifts EYES WIDE SHUT : - Zeiss super speeds mkiii T1.3 - Zeiss Variable Primes T2.1 - Cooke varotal 20-100mm T3.1
  13. I just saw this test video and i was attracked by the look of the 1990's Aungieneux HR T3.5 version of the legendary 25-250 series My local rentals have only the Aungieneux 17-102mm HR T2.9 which i guess it will have a similar look as it seems to be a short-range version of the 1990's HR series I'm a bit confussed becouse i haven't seen this lens be noticed by cinematographers and there are almost no infos about this lens on the web I read that was used in 90's on the sitcom Seinfeld but if it was such a good lens wouldn't have a hard use on the movie industry? The 1970's legendary Cooke 20-100mm was still a workhorse on the industry on the 90's
  14. Kinoptic Tegea 9.8mm .. on any mount Thanks !!
  15. It was the super speeds T1.4 mki with the triangle bokeh or the T1.3 mkiii ?
  16. I'm planning to shoot 3 days just before Christmas and there is a posibility that the lab will develop the negative around the 5th or the 6th of January ... Do you think that this will have an affect on the quality ? Thanks !!!
  17. Obviously they have turn down the timing system and want me to pay for the re-setup ...
  18. What is the range of prices in USA or EU for a 2:30 min short film? I ask a lab in Greece and they told me ONLY the cost of the chemichals is 6.000$ - 9.000$ !!!
  19. That's a great interview !! Thanks for sharing !!! Imagine only what would have to say with today's flat and naturalistic trend in cinematography
  20. Was wondering if EVERY motion picture lab can procces SLR's 5219
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