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  1. Every production or budget or shoot is different. Going back to options. There is a lot more that factors into something besides cost. Even more so if you’re looking at a net cost or a true cost. Availability is at the top of the list. With respect. What works for you, might not for someone else. Again. Options. Especially ones that have been doing it for 30 years.
  2. I get what you’re saying. The more options we all have as artists and filmmakers the better. Scott and Roger have taken care of me for my entire career (as they have you and many others) and are amazing people that will move mountains to get things done.
  3. Scott and Roger are solid. For sure worth reaching out. Motion Picture Film Stock: motionpicturefilmstock@gmail.com
  4. Disregard links above. Here is an album to images. https://ibb.co/album/spnsdz
  5. Sorry all. So so many inquires. It was sold.
  6. Looking to sell my 12 and 16. They saw little use in a rental house and well cared for since. They were serviced within the last year my Paul at VP who disassembled and collimated and lubed which was proactive. Flawless elements. Great condition on the body. PM for more info JS
  7. Hey all. Considering selling my A-Minima. Serviced in 2020 by AM camera with invoice. New belts. Tested for back focus. Preventative maintenance. this cam is good to go for years to come. Included is: A-Minima Body 1 Magazine 3 Minima Factory Sealed loads of Kodak Vision 3 Power Base Run Stop Handle not pictured but doesn’t include Oppenheimer Battery Handle Not in a hurry to sell but open to the right offer
  8. Hi all, Have a lot of 15+ cans of 5219 from a production. Same lot. 240’ and 280’ available. Open to offers on price per foot. Prefer to sell entire lot but open to piecing out. PM with questions.
  9. I own a Minima. I was looking for some additional items to round out my kit. Maybe try making a post about your SR3 for sale. Appreciate it though!
  10. Looking for some Minima AKS. Specifically batteries and mags but Im open to anything that is just collecting dust.
  11. Youre looking at 10K USD. A niche cam with niche prices.
  12. We actually offer a home ECN-2 kit that will be available in EU sometime next month. www.qwdlab.com Edit: Thanks Jordan!
  13. This thread is 2-3 years old. It kind of gets confusing when it gets dug up! It looks like its new.
  14. Looking for Kodak 19 SEs and also all ASAs located on the east coast. If anyone has any leads it would be much appreciated
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