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  1. Thanks for the offer! That is nice of you. My apologies for the misunderstanding with rates. I specifically sought out your Xena scanner as generates less noise with underexposure from what I understand. I am familiar with Scan Stations and Spirits but wanted to take a look for myself hence the DPX. I guess you can say also a scanner test. Its was more for me personally, not billed to a client or anything. Alot of this was shot at night so I wanted to see what I could get out of the scans. I don't think it was necessarily overkill, whether its an XTR or SR3 or a K3, it's all relative. K3's are totally have their quarks. They are great if you get a good one. The problem was that all of the nighttime stuff came out super soft. I have actually been talking to a few DP's about this just for fun to try and see what the problem is. Pressure plate came up for back focus. A lot of it is in focus in the daytime so hitting focus came up. But what is weird is that for a fraction of a second some frames are in focus and jump out without the camera being physically moved. Here is a gallery of the gate at night and the day and the frames in focus for a brief moment and not. The photo of the close up of the game is at the same position. Just one night and one day. If anyone wants to take a stab at it. I feel like Tyler knows K3's pretty well. https://imgur.com/a/LNwi16x#jkyaRzw
  2. I tried to reach out a few times. No problem. Always got your answering service. Before and after I sent my order in. Busy shop. I get it. Some conflicting info on my order form, tried to correct it. Really wanted to check out your 2k Scan with your Xena. Haven't dealt with you guys. Was going to go with DPX and send a drive, but just went ProRes, realized I sent you in the wrong form, didn't think I needed a drive for 444 and tried to catch you guys and got a big bill. Thanks for your response. We are this far with a pretty good thread going here so just shoot over the 2k ProRes via Dropbox. I appreciate your response. Feel free to call or shoot me an email finish this up haha. I am two steps from giving my address and credit card number out here.
  3. My bad. I do shoot on film and will continue to. I don't really deal with smaller loads often but it just seemed odd and presumptuous and I understand having to make a profit and being busy with not much support. I haven't dealt with these guys before. They clearly have a following. Lesson learned.
  4. The minimum was my fault. I should have asked or looked more closely. $161 just seemed a bit high and seemed like I was being billed for additional drives and services and they are pretty tough to get in touch with via phone or email. It was just 100ft which wasnt being billed to a client or anything. Fotokem I would expect to pay out the ass for and wouldnt send 100' to. Lesson learned.
  5. Without a doubt. I haven't deal with Cinelab specifically before. It seems like a mixed bag with reviews but I guess we will see what happens.
  6. You're right. Its there. Something just seems off with a bunch of charges on a card and no communication. I just seemed like if I didn't look into it, I would have a drive at my door a week later.
  7. I have never dealt with Cinelab before. I was mainly interested in their Xena 2k scans as they are better at reading underexposure and I was running and gunning at night and mainly just using a beater handheld cam I acquired and was more of a camera/scratch test and comparing scans to a certain degree. I sent in 100' of 7219 to be processed and scanned at 2k thinking this would cost around $70. I initially selected DPX but the decided ProRes would be more than fine. I tried to call and emailed Robert as soon as it went out and said I didn't update the order form to ProRes my apologies. There is no drive. I would just like an upload to Dropbox in ProRes and because I am not particularly attached to the negatives, I didn't include return shipping. Days later no response. Filled out their order form which said nothing about minimums on it and they pricing sheets are somewhat unclear and very scattered. I didn't think twice about it and figured if they had a problem they would call or reach out. I woke up this am to $161 charge. Thinking this was a mistake I reached out with an email with my form attached and also in line with the previous emails I sent before. This was the response I got: HI Charges were: $115 min charge for process and a 2K scan 2.00 for DPX frames $30 for a thumb drive for DPX frames (we don't upload DPX) $14 for UPS shipping. I can change that to ProRes and do an upload which will save $32 So 100' of 7219 cost me $161 because they never saw the email that I sent and also just started assuming things and billed me for items and services that I never was asked about. I understand that my order form was initially filled out incorrect but I tried to call and email to no avail. This honestly could have just been taken care of with a phone call or email to clarify, especially if there is no drive, no request for a drive to be purchased and at least have this brought to my attention. I talked to a few other DPs and asked them what they thought. "Shady as hell" seemed to be the general consensus.
  8. What type of 1.5 anamorphic did you end up using?
  9. Hey all. I started a small lab processing ECN-2 still photos with a few film people and I just wanted to introduce myself. We started this business as a way to offer people a service that isn't really being offered. We all work in film and love shooting still on motion stock but we noticed a VERY large color shift toward cyan or blue with cross processing in C-41. So here we are now! We offer dev/scan for a reasonable price and we also offer ECN-2 1000ml kits for people who want to process at home. We take pride in every roll we process and this came about because we give back to the community and virtually no labs offer ECN-2 on a roll by roll level. Though our official launch date wasn't until the Nov 15th, we have had such a good response we started taking orders early. Check us out! www.qwdlab.com Ig: qwdlab Jeremy
  10. A few times in the past year or so I have ready about an F mount K3 which was a hard mount. Taking into consideration the focal flange distance of M42 and F, I am wondering if this was able to focus to infinity or not. Like I said this has only come up in conversation in forms from around 2006-10 a handful of times with no instruction. Anyone have any ideas if its doable?
  11. Looking to buy an Aaton XTRprod. There are a few on ebay but I am looking for a single user from a collection or something professionally maintained through a rental house.
  12. I came across Cinemagear.com on here while searching for some new cameras with reasonable rates. Does anyone know of any similar companies?
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