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  1. Personally i think the best home release is the 1998 MGM/1999 WARNER DVD unrestored edition (I have not seen the legendary critirion laserdisc release)
  2. Thanks again David !! I did not notuce that fall-off on Kubrick's movies !! That may be the answer to Garett Brown's commentary on the shining http://www.cinematography.com/index.php?showtopic=76505
  3. Thank so much David for your extended analysis !! Tell me something more please .. I have read that the digital sensors (instead of film) requests the light rays going ''straight'' on them ..tele-centric not on an angle And that some lenses like the old standard primes .. 'cause of their design.. send their edge-rays on an angle .. and the digital sensors (instead of film) can not capture these rays .. so they give a viggnet effect That happens on the edge-rays OUTSIDE the era of the of the standard 35mm frame ?? If mean if i use standard primes on Alexa .. on my 20.96mm width frame .. will i have that problem ?? Thanks again David !! I appreciate your help !!
  4. Thank you very very much David !!! (it's the cropped frame you suggested me on this http://www.cinematography.com/index.php?showtopic=75594&p=489741 ) Please give me some infos about the porthole effect .. i'm a bit confused This happen to digital sensor with size BIGGER than the standard 35mm film sizen of 20.96mm ??
  5. Hello Has anyone use ARRI Variable primes on Alexa mini ? I'm afraid of porthole 'cause the SONNAR design (The 1.78 frame will have 20.96mm width as the standard 35mm film frame) Thank you very much !!
  6. It's eyes wide shut https://ibb.co/mEmsvq https://ibb.co/d1hXvq the dark knight rises script
  7. Hello I have found these infos on a Daily Continuity report : Set Up: 18mm ShInf-50' T1.4 Lens Ht: N/K Is a night exterior crane shot showing a car on city street .. it's on 35mm film and the lens probably a Zeiss super speed mkii I guess it has to do with the 'focus on infinity' ? Also what does the 'N/K' mean ?? Thanks !!!
  8. Thanks you very much !! You are right !! I looked very carefull the shot .. and the dark side of the filter is on the bortom of the frame
  9. Hi I have these indormations from a Daily Continuity Report (i have not seen the actual document .. the infos were transfered to me) .. It's a 35mm FILM with zeiss super speeds mkii Set Up: 18 mm 6'-15' T1.4.8/10 LC1 ND.3HEGrad Btm 1. I guess the T infos are on a something like ''minolta scale'' ?? 2. What is the Btm ?? Thanks !!
  10. You are right !!! In Vivian's making of the Shining .. Before going to shoot a maze scene .. Stanley ask to be available the 9.8mm the 14.5mm and the 18mm !! If he used also and a 12mm why not ask to be and this available ... ;) I have another question ... Garett brown said that the most of the film was shot with the Cooke 18mm In the Shining Kubrick did a hard use of the Zeiss B Speeds set Have any thoughts why he preffered the Cooke 18mm instead of the Zeiss T1.4 18mm ? Thanks again !!
  11. We are not talking anymore for the photograph .. check last posts i saw it here : https://indiefilmhustle.com/laowa-12mm-venus-optics/ and here : https://www.reddit.com/r/cinematography/comments/30ulmj/kubricks_lenses_a_complete_guide_to_the_lenses/cpwoi85/
  12. I think you are right .. it's more likely a cooke 18mm !! But i have read that on Clockwork Orange used a lot of 12mm lens .. any thoughts about what kind of 12mm was that ?? Btw the ARRI 12MM i posted .. when was released ?? Thanks again !!
  13. Is this the ARRI 12mm 2.1 ?? (made by the zeiss standard prime 16mm) jibanananda das kobita in bengali adventures of isabel iron man 2 movie
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