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  1. That's also a question of mine ... Kubrick used to test immidiatelly every new lens that came out ... So may he preffered the b speedlook that the mkiii?? 1. ... (from ACM) Smith reports that Kubrick actually asked DiGiulio to recalibrate the Barry Lyndon lenses for use on Eyes Wide Shut, but eventually scrapped that plan. "Stanley wanted to shoot with available light and real sources wherever possible," Smith relates. "We discussed the idea of using the f0.7 lenses from Barry Lyndon, but they just weren’t right for the type of shooting we were doing. Stanley wanted to be able to show some of the sets, such as the ballroom in the opening party sequence, in 360 degrees, via extensive Steadicam work and wide-angle lenses. He wanted to give the actors the flexibility to move wherever they needed to, and he also wanted to swing the camera around the room without worrying about where the lights were. Furthermore, Barry Lyndon was made more than 25 years ago, when film stocks were rated at 100 ASA. Now we have the luxury of 500- and 800-speed stocks, which eliminates the need for specialized lenses like those old f0.7 Zeisses." So may the mkiii upgrade was a compromise just to have the extra 0.1T ? .On the other hand I have study many of EWS daily continuity reports .. and even on external night scenes the maximum aperture came across is T1.4 ... never a T1.3 !! (May did not want the lens fully opened ?!?!?) 2. Maybe the upgrade was becouse he found out that the mkiii match up better with the Variable Primes ?? (Also from the reports I have noticed that on shots with smaller than 2.1T and focal length available on the super speed scale .. he usually PREFFERED the Variable Primes (e.g. 18mm - 35mm - 65mm)
  2. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/05/04/return-reel-to-reel-musicians-reject-digital-better-sound-dated/
  3. Wish i had a 35mm projector in my home and the prints of my top 3-4 movies !!
  4. Lets hope that in 30 years the promotion departments deside to promote a ''retro-analogue'' fashion ... as they did with Vynil  I think this is the only chance
  5. Lets hope that in 30 years the promotion departments deside to promote a ''retro-analogue'' fashion ... as they did with Vynil I think this is the only chance
  6. End of discussion !! More sayings of both of you would be consider as a personal attack ... so end of discussion !!
  7. I talked about his statment that the new stocks are not as good as the new ones ... And i said that as he finds alexa equal to film (which i totally disagree) then i do not pay much attention TO THIS STATEMENT !! I think i made myself pretty clear !!!
  8. Deakins said that Alexa's is equal to film That's his personal taste/opinion which is complitelly different than mine !! On that base i do not pay much attention on a man that has a different view/taste than mine !! That's all !! I did not said anything abou his knowledge !!! Be carrefoul on reading posts
  9. Deakins thinks alexa's footage is equal to film ... So i do not pay too much attention to his 'opinions
  10. You are amazing !! Thanks for your writting time 🙂
  11. That's exactly what i was thinking Dom about the custom made idea !! Thanks for making it clear to me !! So my first target is a big search for the ARRI N35 1.78 ground glass !! I'll hire a very experienced 35mm cinematographer for that (i'm director not D.o.P) .. but i like very much to have study my owns ... to know the technical details ... and you guys you've help me a lot !! Look i'm on a 3 years heavy study of Kubrick's breakdown cinematography via his technicians interviewes ... via daily continuity reports and via other material from his archieve ... and I've trained my eyes and my mind on this way I know that the difference between S35 and N35 is not huge ... but it's not enough for me I'll have the excact he hadon EWS 1. Zeiss super speeds mkiii T1.3 2. Zeiss Variable primes 3. Cook Varotal 20-100 T3.1 And also his famous Kinoptic 9.8 and the Ang 14.5 Of cource i'm not going to a blind copy-cat of the numbers ... i use them for breaking down the tech details of his shot to train my mind 😉 Thanks again Dom .. you were a great help !!!
  12. I'll go by scanning and digital ... But i can not understand how will i make my own academy 1.78 groundglass .. can you explain please ?? Thanks
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