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  1. I have a pair of VR goggles that only accept 720p that I would. like to use with an Arri Mini. I have tried every converter and scaler I can find, the only setup that works so far is using a Bolt 300. I am hoping there is a smaller, less expensive option. Everything on the consumer market cannot deal with a signal coming from a pro camera. Everything needs to be small and light and easy. A assume a Decimator MD-HX HDMI and SDI Cross Converter with Scaling & Frame Rate Conversion will work, but it is $295 and powering it via battery might be an issue. I tried every box I could find on Amazon and none of them worked. Any thoughts or ideas appreciated Henry
  2. I used to have a set of these iGlasses I would wear sometimes to operate shots. I used them on in VR work as well as regular motion picture when the shot was tricky and I wanted a more immersive operating viewpoint. I would like to buy something more contemporary and looking for suggestions on what is out there. What was great about the iGlasses is that they didnt seal in my eyesight, I still had peripheral vision so I could walk around without bumping into things. What was not so great about them was the resolution, power supply and inputs. So, in a perfect world I would need a pair of VR goggles that dont completely cover my eyes with batteries and a simple SDI and or HDMI input. Thanks very any suggestions
  3. Just wondering how people accommodate shutter angle in movie mode on the A7? There is not 180 setting (that I have seen) and with a recommended ISO of 800 for Slog, is there any adjustments that I can make before I start piling ND's on in order to keep my aperture relatively wide? Thanks, Henry
  4. I went to a different PP, set the ISO and went back to PP7 and it is working properly now. Boy, that was confusing! Thanks for the fantastic support and feedback.
  5. Robin, Excuse my ignorance, but I have looked thru every menu and dont see a video mode to set to manual, my exposure mode is set yo manual, but I cannot find the "video" mode you mention. Thanks very much for the advice. Henry
  6. Thanks Robin. When I try to adjust the ISO out of AUTO, that is when I get the error msg "unable due to Gamma S-Log configuration"? I will try a few things, thanks for the feedback. Henry
  7. Hi Bruce, Henry Cline here. The thing I cannot understand is that while in s-Log the ISO in the viewfinder just says AUTO ISO cant change the ISO because an error message comes up that says unable due to Gamma S-Log configuration. So, I am just trying to understand better what exactly it is set at? Confusing for sure. I greatly appreciate your input and hope you are well. Henry
  8. I am setting up my new A7lll primarily for movie mode 4K usage. I prefer to shoot in S-Log. When the camera is set to S-Log the ISO is automatically set to AUTO? As a filmmaker who was brought up in the photo chemical world I never choose to use an AUTO ISO mode, but I am clearly missing something here? When I go to change the ISO on the camera the dialog says it is not possible in Gamma: S-Log2 mode? Thanks, Henry
  9. Good condition Well maintained by Mario Paranos at Otto Nemenz Currenty housed at Keslow LA $21,500 Arri Gear Head II Compact Arri Gear Head II Sliding Base Plate Arri Gear Head II Wheel Arri Gear Head II Wheel Tie Down-Arri Gear Head Gear Head Wheel OConnor Platform Plate Quick Release Plate w/ 2- 3/8 Screws Arri Quick Release Dovetail Eyepiece Leveler Balance Plate (Bottom) - 12” Quick Release Plate w/ 2- 3/8 Screws Cartoni Lambda Camera Plate - Long Arri MB-14 French Flag Holder Hard shipping case
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