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  1. I just bought the 18.5mm C-mount Angenieux from Ewald. As soon as it arrives I can vouch for him as a seller here!
  2. My copy of the 18mm S3 has some flaws and I would like to either purchase a donor lens to exchange the flawed parts or one that is in better shape than my copy. The lens can be in any mount and any state! PS: might be able to offer other speed panchros in exchange. PPS: Brokers/resellers please use DMs...
  3. I dearly miss a 40 in my set! Anyone out there who would part with one? Thanks!
  4. Preferably with Arri Standard mount so it can share an adaptor with my other lenses. I can also offer to trade a Zacuto Gratical EVF, Video devices Pix-E5 monitor/recorder, Schneider 20mm f2, OM 100mm f2.. I live in Vienna Europe
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