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  1. Hey Heidi,


    how can I get in contact with you?  my email is the ethanlewis78@gmail.com


    regarding your for sale post

  2. That one is a bit of a mystery... behind that top are aperture rings and a mount to go on the camera but that’s it. that top part is metal.
  3. Ok good to know. Thanks - I’ll try to get it out again and get some more photos.
  4. Here are the bigger photos https://www.dropbox.com/sh/82lie8x3awrw355/AABr6M8yPRnVhhC89Mm1ePQra?dl=0
  5. Ok bare with me, I will try to sort something out tomorrow- I’ll get the serial number of the camera - thanks I thought it was a prod. Is there an option to edit the description? I can’t find one.
  6. Hi, I am getting rid of my super16 Aaton kit. i bought it from an exBBC documentary maker a few years ago and the project that I was going to use it for never happened. so now it’s surplus to requirement. it’s an Aaton XTR prod. three mags, I think these are ltr mags that have been adapted. batteries (1 definitely needs re-celling) 10 lenses made up of Carl zeiss primes, including distagon and planar, various vintage lenses, and zooms including canon. Matt boxes, filters, changing bags, a super sexy leather sound protector for the mags - this kit has been all over the world. All in flight cases - this is a pretty special kit. also have a nagra 4.2 (ex London film school) complete with all cables etc for a complete analogue kit I would prefer to sell as complete kit. I will consider splitting the nagra and camera I WILL NOT split camera kit from the lenses. ive not found a compatible kit to gauge a selling price. if I’m being crazy (too much or too little feel free to correct me) I am in Lancashire UK - I would prefer buyer to inspect kit before purchase. bank transfer on collection only. happy to wait for the right buyer for this kit. £15,000 for nagra and shooting kit Please contact for more detailed photos.
  7. thanks, i'm in the UK though. I'm selling the BL as spares and probably the SR2 as well and putting the money towards a super 16mm
  8. there are 2 gears in the centre when i open the door (although not under a plastic cover) both say 25 B/s
  9. Yes, well it ran an eclair 16mm camera for a few minutes so guessing it's a constant current.. also tried it with a 12v pagbelt and it was the same outcome
  10. I have a battery but needs a re-cell there's no charger with the battery though.
  11. I am selling for spares/repair: Arriflex 16 BL Carl Zeiss Zoom Lens 10mm-100mm includes: 400ft magazine mattbox hand grip Lens in clean condition. Possibly an easy fix: Problem = when power plugged in - light at back flashes but motor doesn't run. £650 or best offer. I will answer any questions that I can! inspections welcome. Manchester or Preston. thanks, Heidi
  12. Does anyone have or know where to get a rear cap for a Arri bayonet mount? Ive spotted one in the US but was hoping to find one in the UK. Thanks
  13. Im looking for a quick release for an Arri SR2 and I also want rails for it. Not really sure what to get. I cant find anything that is specific for my camera. Any help or pointers of what will work ok with it is appreciated. Thanks
  14. Hi, I have an arri 16 BL that I picked up reasonably cheaply as it had no working battery. I tracked down a 12v pagbelt but when I plug it in and try to run it, all I get is a red light flash on the back and then nothing. I don't know if it's worth fixing or just taking off the lens and putting back on eBay as spares/repair. I've also just picked up an arri sr2 which I believe is the better camera. Does anyone know what could be wrong with the BL? I can film the switch on if it helps? (I can manually turn the gears with the knob by the top of the magazine area (sorry for my ignorance of what everything is called)! So it doesn't appear to have seized) Any help gratefully received. Thanks Heidi
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