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  1. Thanks, Damon. I reached out a few days ago and unfortunately they don't sell 100' lengths of Ektachrome.
  2. Thanks. Looks like that is a 400' roll, though. Hoping to get something closer to 100'. Not sure how easy that will be.
  3. Looking for 35mm Ektachrome 100D short ends. Hoping for around 100' feet but willing to buy more or less than that amount. Located in Chicago and would prefer a US seller.
  4. Agreed. I also recently digitized some 16mm and Super8 from the early 70s that my dad shot and was in. Extremely grateful that he was still in possession of it and not just a poor DIY scan.
  5. I would be interested in some of your negatives and/or prints if you would rather donate them then throw them away.
  6. I would prefer not to. I imagine it would be too costly.
  7. Still for sale. Hoping to sell for $200 + shipping.
  8. Selling the following sealed film, stored in a cool closet. Expiration dates unknown. (4) 100' daylight spools of Kodak EXR 200T 7293 (2) 100' daylight spools of Kodak Plus-X Negative Film 7231 (1) 100' daylight spool of Kodak Ektachrome High Speed Daylight Film 7251 Photos Please make offers. Willing to split the film up but would prefer to sell everything to one person.
  9. Never mind, I found my answer. For those who are curious, I believe the shutter speed is 1/4 second.
  10. I'm beginning to work on a project shooting individual frames with my XTR Plus using the inching button on the handle and I'm wondering what the shutter speed is every time you inch the film? At first I assumed that it may be 1/48 but now I'm wondering if it is slower than that because the camera takes time to get up to speed. Is there any information on what the shutter might be or if it is consistent every time you inch the film?
  11. Thanks for the help, Tyler. That was exactly the problem. I honestly have no idea how it happened because I never took the eye piece off and the pin isn't broken, but it must have slipped into a different position at some point. Anyway, if it happens again I'll know what to do.
  12. I have a potentially stupid question with hopefully an easy answer that I'm just overlooking. I haven't used my XTR in a few months and when I last used it, it was completely fine. However, I recently took it out to shoot and looked through the viewfinder to see that the ground glass with all frame lines as well as the image that I was seeing were flipped 90 degrees. I've linked to some images to show what it looks like to look through the viewfinder. It doesn't look like anything has broken or that the ground glass has slipped. I tried adjusting the viewing horizon, which only moves the image a few degrees. I'm hoping I'm just overlooking some basic feature of the camera that allows you to flip the orientation of the image. https://imgur.com/a/arwUMR6
  13. Lens Model: Rokinon Cine 85mm T1.5 (Canon EF mount) Lens Body Condition: The 85mm has some really slight tension to the focus ring in the middle range that prevents it from smoothly turning from around 2 feet to 6 feet. Otherwise, focus rings and aperture rings turn extremely smoothly. Lens Glass Condition: Great, no problems. Sale Includes: Lenses and lens hood Price: 85mm - $260 + PP fees & shipping (or best offer) Payments Accepted: PayPal Possible Trades: None Shipping Methods Available (Ships From): USPS Shipping Available To: Continental US Item location: Central NY Best Contact Method: Private Message Reason for selling: Switched to all autofocus L lenses, haven't used this lens in over a year. Photos: https://imgur.com/a/gn9XyPG
  14. Looking for a used Canon C100 with the dual pixel af update. US based.
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