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  1. Allright, some updates. First test shoot coming up at the end of the week, I'm glad I managed to finish the video assist in time. It works well, but obviously it adds quite a bit of clunkiness to the camera. But obviously it helps to be able to see a de-stretched image. I took some photos of my (still quite messy) setup. Shorter cables would help a lot with this, gotta work on that. But the important thing: There is video, I can easily flip away the video tap-camera for focusing through the viewfinder (SD signal from the cctv camera is obviously not useable for that). Video of me flipping away the cctv camera in order to use the eyepiece (have to use my left eye in this setup. I will move the whole system to the right side of the camera in the future so I can use my right eye for proper viewing ;-) ) https://streamable.com/8nk1z
  2. If you get around to it, would love to see a picture of your setup as well. Thank you!
  3. I do like clean setups ;-) I haven't rigged up the camera yet, but I am going for a similar camera / lens setup as recommended on that old post. I'm pretty sure it's not going to be possible to judge focus with that though. I am going for a setup where I can flip away the camera and focus using the viewfinder. I tried my GoPro but even in narrow mode the image was still "too far away" from the lens, so that didn't really do it for me. So, yeah. Can't really say much yet but I'm planning on framing via the monitor and focusing via the viewfinder. I will shoot my first test on 2 weeks. Will keep you updated!
  4. Thanks, guys. I guess I will stick with 1stop over for now. I read that the prism takes 25% off (http://bolexh16user.net/ExposureAdvice.htm), but it also says there that on modern stocks this can be neglected.
  5. Hello folks. I'm reading conflicting stuff about the rating of 16mm stock. Do you guys rate your stock a full stop over or 2/3 for day exterior? How about night exterior? I'll be shooting 250D and 50D mostly for now, on regular 16. I'm already compensating for the prism light loss on my Bolex Rex5 so I don't want to overexpose too much. What are your experiences? Thanks for your input!
  6. Hi everyone, I'm currently working on setting up my Bolex H16RX5 with a custom anamorphic setup (russian Helios taking lens + Isco Widescreen projection lens + SLR Magic Rangefinder for single focus). In case anyone is interested in this, I will update this post as I continue testing. As of now, I managed to fit the lens without much hassle using a C to EF adapter. No focus issues so far, close focus to infinity seem to work just fine. Will have to find a more secure way of mounting the rods though, but that shouldn't be an issue either. Before I can shoot some tests, I'll have to finish my video assist setup in order to actually see a desqueezed image (http://www.cinematography.com/index.php?showtopic=15423). Will keep you guys posted!
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