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  1. Thanks for that suggestion Volker. I hadn’t heard of the wide angle adapter for the Switar— sounds like a great option!
  2. This looks like a scratch on the film, possibly from debris on the the film gate.
  3. I'd guess that this comes from some light getting into the daylight spool while loading/unloading or while you were recanning the 400' reels. From my experience, in-camera light leaks aren't this uniform across the whole roll.
  4. Also interested in a Century 5.7mm lens!
  5. I'm looking to buy a Kern Switar 10mm f/1.6 RX lens in good condition. Ideally looking for the later Preset version but open to any RX copy. Shoot me a PM or email (jordan@canopyfilms.com) if you've got one that you're happy to part with!
  6. I'm looking to buy an Angenieux 17-68mm f/2.2 c-mount lens in good working condition. I'm specifically looking for either the "Type L3 / Special P" or "4x17" versions of this lens which are designed for Reflex Bolexes. Please shoot me a PM or email (jordan AT canopyfilms.com) if you have one! Thanks 🙂
  7. Thanks for those insights. The Vario Switars seem like the best option in terms of quality though they are quite large... I might need to just get over the size issue. Have you guys tried or heard much about the Angenieux 17-68mm f/2.2? It looks like a decently fast lens that's closer to the 17-85mm in size and even designed for the Bolex's reflex prism. Haven't found much about it aside from a couple tests on micro 4/3rds camera.
  8. I recently picked up a Bolex SBM and I'm looking for a compact zoom lens for it. I passed on the Kern 16-100 because it seemed a bit too bulky for my setup. Could anyone recommend a smaller zoom lens in C-mount or Bolex Bayonet mount? Ideally looking for something that goes as wide as ~17mm. Has anyone had any experience with the Angenieux 17-68mm f/2.2 "Special P" lens?
  9. I'm selling a Davinci Resolve Studio Dongle that I used only once. Bought in March new from B&H. $250 OBO. Email me at jordan AT canopyfilms.com or shoot me a PM. Thanks.
  10. Ah right, I was only thinking about total load weight, not center of gravity. Definitely worth going for a much beefier tripod. Might be cheaper to invest in a larger bike trailer 🙂
  11. The Sachtler FSB 8 with Flowtech legs or Miller AIR Carbon series might be good options too
  12. Hey there's a Bolex REX 1 on craigslist listed for $750 right now. It's in Somerville. https://boston.craigslist.org/gbs/pho/d/somerville-bolex-h16-reflex-rex-1-set/7136623953.html
  13. I absolutely loved this film. Helene Louvart is one of the best working cinematographers imo. I highly recommend her earlier collaboration with Alice Rohrwacher "The Wonders," which was also shot on 16mm.
  14. Ran into this question on a shoot recently. I needed a very long option for a single shot and we were using Kowas which max out at 100mm. I played it safe and went with a spherical lens (a beefy Nikkor 300mm PL) instead. With such a long lens the anamorphic effect is much subtler so it cut in fine. Everyone I talked to said that 2x adapters wouldn't work but no one could tell me why— thanks for sharing that old thread Daniel!
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