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  1. That checks out... he also posted a 416 for sale for only 7k 😅
  2. Personally I'd steer clear of the Xeen CFs because they're the same glass as Rokinon's cheaper lenses just with fancier housings. I have a cinevised set of Leica R lenses and love them. You can get a good Leica 35mm summicron for about half the price of a new Xeen CF. If size is the main factor for you, another option (that's a bit more expensive) would be a 32mm Zeiss Standard Speed, which is even smaller than the Xeens.
  3. I while back I found this document which mentions that "The RX lens is calibrated to pass 1/2 to 1/3 more light than the aperture markings on the barrel indicates. When using RX lenses with the H-16 camera, the effective shutter speed is back to 1/65 of a second." Dom, have I been led astray?
  4. I'll second Silbersalz. I've been super impressed with their processing and scans. I'm pretty sure they only process film that they sell but it's worth asking. I just ordered this small batch ECN2 kit for home processing of 36 exposure rolls, which is another option 🙂
  5. Thanks for linking that thread Dom. I'll keep on the look out for a M38 x 0.5 step up ring. I'd happily buy one if anyone has one. I might have a friend with a machine shop make a few custom rings.
  6. Yes, I think the Preset version has a larger thread: M38 x 0.5 pitch.
  7. It looks like a few people have made customs step up rings over the years but I can't find anyone who still has one for sale. http://www.brentfinley.com/switar.htm
  8. Thanks for that info. I'm looking for a step up ring to use larger threaded filters. Do you know of any step up rings that adapt series 5 lens threads to a modern thread like 52mm?
  9. Does anyone know the exact front thread size of the Switar 10mm Preset lens? It seems like an odd size and I'm finding it difficult to track down a suitable step up ring. Thanks.
  10. Hey gang, I'm looking to buy a Kern Aspheron 5.5mm wide angle attachment for Switar 10mm lenses. They seems a bit hard to come by so hit me up if you've got one you could part with! PM or email (jordan AT canopyfilms.com). Cheers.
  11. Not a physical item for your kit, but the Sun Seeker app is super helpful https://apps.apple.com/us/app/sun-seeker-tracker-compass/id330247123
  12. These adapters exist. Duclos in California sells a pricey Arri Standard -> PL adapter, but it looks super solid. I've seen a few different designs in the $200-400 range like this one. Someone was selling one a few months ago on here, they might still have it. I've only ever used Arri S to PL adapters with a zoom lens on my Red Scarlet-W. You might run into issues using it on an Alexa depending on the depth of the PL mount... maybe someone else has experience using these adapters on Alexas.
  13. I'm looking to purchase a Kern Switar 5.5mm Wide Angle Aspheron for Bolex. Please shoot me a PM or email (jordan AT canopyfilms.com) if you've got one 🙂
  14. Thanks for that suggestion Volker. I hadn’t heard of the wide angle adapter for the Switar— sounds like a great option!
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