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  1. Hello! I have for sale: 5218 Vision 2 500T ~930' across 4 short end cans + (1) 400' factory sealed can 5205 Vision 2 250D ~ 1800' across 9 short end cans Please see photos for specific lengths per can. Sold as is; in LA for local pick-up. Willing to ship at recipients expense. Email me at jacobkubabojsza@gmail.com for quicker response. $300, OBO
  2. If you're interested in selling for the ballpark of $1,000 please let me know! thanks :)
  3. Hi! I've been hunting around to find some interesting expired film stocks to shoot on. I found a lot of 16mm 500T Vision 2 - "ESTAR" base for sale. I did some research and found some Kodak write-ups about this ESTAR base stock - polyester stock, interesting... The only film I've ever shot entire projects on is 35mm and 16mm Vision 3 (as well as experimenting with some expired Vision 2 stocks). I've never heard of this ESTAR base film before. Any one have any knowledge on this? Also, any idea how it might hold up? - seller says it was stored cold and is factory sealed. Of course, I'd test it ahead of any real shooting, but I'm curious if any one has any idea if it's worth it before I buy the lot? Could be fun to do it regardless as it is selling for fairly cheap! Attached is a photo of the label - curious that it doesn't even have a film code starting in "7." Could this be an experimental stock?
  4. Hey Adam, Looks like you got some great results out of these tests. What resolution/codec was the film scanned at and what resolution/codec did you finish in for you vimeo uploads. Also what lenses did you pair with the Aaton? Seems like the lenses you used we're fairly sharp compared to some of the other 16mm tests I've seen shot with vintage 16mm primes, and especially zooms. Thanks in advance!
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