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  1. Hi! I have a bolex rex with a 10X viewfinder that I want to upgrade to a 13x. Does anyone know of anyone selling 13X viewfinder. And is it easy to change yourself? Appreciate all input
  2. Do anyone know when it will be available in europe?
  3. Thanks again boys! Have looked a bit at Kern Switar lenses and have seen that there is a big difference in the prices of it. If you go on ebay you can get a KERN MACRO SWITAR 10mm to about 600dollar. But if you go on for example the Bolex website, the same lens (Apparently) costs 2400 euros. What is the reason for this? Or is it not the same lenses?
  4. Have some questions about the lens of the bolex that I hope someone can answer me. Which c mount lens is the best? And how much better, for example, would a super 16 Zeiss lens be?(like an old superspeed, standard speed) Is it worth the price difference and the weight difference? Trying to keep my set up as light as possible. Hope someone can give me some benefits or disadvantages of using the c mount lens instead of a pl mount lens.
  5. Photos of the lens https://www.dropbox.com/sh/7lmb4cy9x4p48kk/AAArOHvzbdFc7w7RuuBnM6fJa?dl=0
  6. Anyone know of someone who converts bolex from c mount to pl in europe?
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