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  1. Thanks for this. I can actually see is this makes sense. And it looks really good actually.
  2. Ahh, I see. Thanks. it totally makes sense. I do know that it serves a purpose. I would imagine it’s more effective for narrative stuff? along with this particular documentary, I recently saw some of the same short-siding in a documentary series on 9/11. It seemed arbitrary. People are telling these incredibly sad stories about that day, and it looked…kind of weird.
  3. I know there are certain fundamentals and rules in filmmaking. And I do understand that they can be broken from time to time…as long as they are understood. Look room is one example of a basic “rule” of framing and composition. But I’m wondering what this would be called (if there’s even a name for it) and in which circumstances it could be used. I’m watching this documentary on Netflix and I noticed a few of these shots. To be honest, they were a little bit annoying to look at. In each example here, there was nothing of significance in the background. And to my knowledge the story/sequence didn’t really have an air of suspense or claustrophobia or anything. I want to say I’ve seen stuff like this in the past but I’m sure the story actually called for it and I didn’t feel compelled to post on cinematography forums like “wtf is this about?!” I wonder if they made this framing choice like “whatever, we’re on Netflix. Let’s have a good time with it just because we can”.
  4. Thanks guys. As I figured. I may paint a little spot on the legs of my stands. You think standard matte spray paint will work?
  5. Hello all, kind of an oddball question perhaps, but why not... So I was looking into used C stands, and I noticed that a lot of folks/companies have old stands where some are painted. Usually on the knobs or grip heads. I was just wondering what the significance is for this. Are they color-coded to indicate size? Ownership? Condition? I know that for me, if I bring my stands along on another project, I have a piece of bright gaffers tape on the bottom riser or one of the legs or something. Just in the event that there is a bunch of gear all over the place and I can easily find my stuff. I was just curious about this. As I’ve seen them a lot. thanks
  6. I feel this. I’m a new guy myself and I’ve been learning everything about everything and mostly going at it alone. My best education has been working on set, YouTube university, and places like this. I’m all-in when it comes to this stuff and I absolutely nerd out on it. I feel that it’s our responsibility to do so. But yeah, I’ve noticed that a lot of people where I’m from throw “DP” and “cinematographer” around and I think “come on dude”. Who am I though? I’m a nobody. But as a nobody, I feel a lot better about myself and I will probably be taken more seriously if I have the ability to at least admit what I DON’T know. And this is why I felt like kind of a heel making a “camera op/cinematography reel”. It kind of had to be done in order for me to get the (appropriate) attention that I need. But I definitely know what’s up and I am ok with the fact that I’m a nobody and there are better filmmakers than I. fake it ‘til you make it is ok, but you MUST know you’re capabilities and limitations. Otherwise you look like a jackass. And I don’t want to be that guy.
  7. Nice. I’m thinking maybe I should get some of these
  8. I’ll have to look into that. I recently tried looking into such places in my state, searching for old grip equipment—C stands, combos, maybe some clamps, etc. I even reached out to Screen Gems studios not too far from me, and the rep said they didn’t have any old stuff they were getting rid of.
  9. Ok. Any idea how I can make the window bluer? I only have CTOs and CTBs that are smaller. They are Lee gels—1/4 to full. I think They’re like 12” x 12”...maybe a little bigger. I don’t have huge rolls of them or anything. another advantage of filming at night I guess. I could actually shoot light into the window from the outside with a blue gel on just the light.
  10. Yes! Move the camera to the left for sure. I just kind of stuck the camera into the doorway for the purposes of testing this out. 16mm lens. So you don’t think that window will be too harsh in backlighting the kid? As for the hallway light, it was maxed out. The cto brought the intensity down I’m sure...not sure how many stops. And I don’t own a meter so I don’t really have a way to quantify it. Metering is another journey I’ve decided to take and try to learn in recent months. Any idea what I could do to bring it up? Maybe a power window on the slash of hallway light and bring the gain up?
  11. Hello again guys. sorry to kind of drag this thing out. So here’s what I’m working with. I’m thinking we may have to do this earlier in the day as it doesn’t get dark until around 8ish. ...The kid and whatnot. as mentioned before, I’m not a huge fan of the blue “moonlight” day for night stuff. But I’m not sure I have a choice. so I used the daylight through the window. I put a bunch of diffusion on the window outside (it could probably use more). I then cooled the temp in camera and used a full cto on the 120d ‘hallway light’. I did as Mr. Mullen suggested and flagged the light from the hallway using the doorway as a topper, since it’s kind of a tight spot and I couldn’t fit a flag in. I then used a handheld, dimmable, bi-color, tubular light and wrapped it with some cinefoil to focus it on the subject/bed. It was suspended overhead using a couple pieces of fishing line, taped to the ceiling with gaff tape. does this work or nah? Given what I have to work with. If so, I think I can bring the window down a bit in Resolve using some sort of mask. And I can probably lift the shadows up a smidge? I don’t know...
  12. I just saw a brief clip of this focus puller rockin’ it on Instagram. This is just a snapshot but he’s moving around...really into it. what I noticed is that he’s not even looking at the tool (sorry, I’m not sure what the proper name for it is). I’ve only seen pictures of them, but from what I understand they have various distance marks and whatnot? He’s just whipping that thing back and forth, watching the monitor (and dancing along apparently). I think it was a music video.
  13. I just want to say thanks to you, and everybody here really. It’s cool that you’re even bothering to take the time to share your experience and methods with me...and my silly thread about lighting a small bedroom with my three cheap-ish lights. There’s no reason why you should feel obliged to even entertain such questions. But you do. And I appreciate that.
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