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  1. Hey Patrick, Could you send me some photos and a suggested price? Feel free to DM. Thanks!
  2. Hey Danny, Also interested in purchasing a few rolls but not the whole lot. Is there a minimum as to not inconvenience your friend too much?
  3. Looking to acquire a Sachtler DV12 SB or Sachtler Video 15SB tripod system. Open to buying just a head or a combination with Carbon Fiber Legs. Thanks!
  4. Looking to upgrade the shutter on my SR2. I know some 144 - 180 shutters exist. Visual Products said they would also install an SR3 shutter if I found one. I know it's a long shot. Thanks!
  5. Hello all, I'm looking to purchase the rod support system for the Arri SR2 that sits right below the lens mount. I know these are hard to find and have already reached out to both Visual Products and Alan Gordon to see if they had any available. If anyone has any other recommendations I'm all ears! Happy holidays! Bucky Illingworth
  6. Thanks everyone! Put my name on the list at Alan Gordon. Going to be patient and wait for the right package.
  7. Looking for an Arri SR3 Package. US sellers preferred.
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