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  1. Hi Chantel, I didn't in the end... I ended up picking up a camera locally. Best of luck, Danny
  2. Hey Bucky, Thanks for your interest, unfortunately they all just sold. DC
  3. Hi all! I have 11 fresh/sealed x 400ft 500T 7219 rolls for sale. The film was purchased for a shoot in LA pre-COVID. I had to return to Australia and didn't want to risk travelling with the film through x-rays etc. It was sitting in a friends house in LA for a month or so before being moved to a DP friend's fridge. $130 each roll, preference to sell them all to one buyer to save inconveniencing my buddy in LA with multiple sales. Happy to ship at buyer's expense. I think it's probably wise to stick to the US, although I often ship film all over without any dramas, except maybe a little trouble sleeping while I wait to hear from the lab 😉 PayPal preferred. Let me know if you have any questions! My best, Danny
  4. EDIT: The full topic title didn't post, apologies! Hello all, Just curious if anyone had purchased any gear from Bill Reiter at http://www.provideofilm.com / http://www.usedequipmentnewsletter.com? (I'm not one to judge a website by its HTML!) I've been emailing back and forth about an Aaton XTR, he definitely seems to know his stuff but I haven't been able to find any reviews of his store/business, just wanted to make sure everything's a-okay before I proceed with a purchase. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks. Danny (Mods please shift this to another area of the forum if need be)
  5. Hey Chris, Just curious if you had any footage online with this particular setup (more so, the lens)? Best, Danny
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