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  1. Hey! So this is my first ever cinematic video. I wanted you to tell if I have the talent to do Cinematography as a career maybe. I would appreciate every comment,because it’s important to hear feedback from real professionals. Thank you!
  2. Good afternoon! I am going to go to film school,but before I want to know what are the best cameras and equipment to start out learning cinematography and build up some portfolio for film school. P.S I have Canon 650D DSLR with 18-55mm KIT lenses,ND filter and tripod,maybe that is enough? Hope to get some advice. Thank you!
  3. Good afternoon! This is my first post in this forum! So I want to know where can I get the best education in cinematography around Europe,which is inexpensive. Im from Latvia. Maybe professionals here can help me find the right film school for me? Thank you very much! :)
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