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  1. here is my latest video. I wanted to do a story video with other things. not sure how I could do something like this unless I used the audio, and inserted clips from broll. this is a story in itself.. but I want to keep this "real me" type of videos.
  2. I did the initial set up. But I need to dive deeper into it. Hopefully I will learn it. It especially sucks as a selfie vlog set up right now
  3. Thanks for the input. I will check out their videos. I did get good at balancing. Sounds like The app is what will help get me closer. I did not realize it adjusted that much. Glad it does.
  4. I suck! It feels backwards whenever I try to use this thing. I thought if it had a wheel instead of a joystick, it would work mich better. It would sprin the same direction every time, and the tilt would match, press up, it woult the head that direction, pull back, the camera come back towards you.. Maybe there is a gimble that works this way already? Anyway. I saw that you could twist the handle and it does a quick pan that direction, but mine seems to be a lot harder to do than the guy I saw doing it on youtube. If anyone can link a really good Ronin S instruction video, that would be amazing! If anyone is in Indianalolis, IN area, and would like to help me learn this better. Please help.
  5. I have been seeing this a lot in youtube videos latley. And the music videos on youtube as well.
  6. That is the cut I was refering to. I see so many shots done on a one wheel, makes me feel like that should be my next get. Maybe after I get a 85mm lens,
  7. Thanks Randy. I really like the alley shot, makes me want to do more shots down there.
  8. Wanted to play with some color grades and experiement with night time exposure. It was raining, and my camera is not rain proof, so I tried to limit my time. Would have liked to try and get more iso difference. I was at iso 5000 for a majority, What do you guys think between to two alley way shots that I lowered the iso on the 2nd round? Which is better? I like the darker for cinematic reasons, and really like the color grade along with it for dark alleys.
  9. I did find this today. I was hoping to find something longer. But it should at least work. https://www.amazon.com/Manfrotto-244-Variable-Friction-Bracket/dp/B000J4FONU
  10. I am actually able to help with advice! No way! Just found this today. Am new to this guys channel, he does fantastic work. And his burst shot is most likely what you are looking for. He uses the same feature on a couple of his newer videos as well. The burst lap here as well
  11. I am looking for a friction arm that I can connect to a gantry crane I am building in my shop. I want to be able to reposition my camera easily, without having to tighten down a lever to keep it still. Is there a product available?
  12. This video was F2 800 iso I added a light straight above the vise. I also edited color half way through to get your opinions on the color correcting Lute that I have been using. is this lighting good enough or will I need more? I do have 3 more of these clamp lights I can add. I use dryer sheets to diffuse the light a bit.
  13. I apparently turned it to private instead of unlisted Thanks
  14. I forget why I did not do 2.8. I think I need to learn this lens and camera better. Know at what focus distances at the lower F stops. Are all cameras tbe same in regards to fstop settings? Basically is my 1.4 sony the same as canon or nikons? This is probably a noob question.. but I dont recall anyone ever talking about it.
  15. I have been shooting 24 fps and a shutter speed of 1/50 I could step that up, but I have been following Peter Mckinnon and he talks about making videos more cinematic like this. Maybe I can step up and then when I get better, I can drop back down to 24/48 but then again, why not just try to get better with this frame rate. just need to make sure I get the lighting set up for every video.
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