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  1. I blew it out before using - but might have to do a deeper clean. The odd thing is there wasn't anything noticeable. Thanks for the input though, really appreciate it!
  2. Now looking at it frame by frame that makes a lot more sense. Where does it come from and how can I minimize it? Thanks, Tim
  3. Hi everybody - I just started testing two Beaulieu 4008s - in one I shot a roll of 7266 Tri-X and in the other a roll of 7203. Both were developed and scanned at Cinelab in MA. The Tri-X came out pretty clean but the 7203 shows a lot of scratches. As this is my first dabble into shooting Super 8 and on top using those cameras for the first time, I was wondering where this is coming from. Given that one camera produced completely clean results and the other produced lots of scratches, I assume it would be an issue with the gate/feed or something else physically scratching the film. Is is possible that the film could get scratched during the scanning? Here is an example of what it looks like: Curious to hear your input so that I can get more out of the next roll 🙂 Thanks! Tim
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