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  1. Looking in the lens from the front I see an aperture circle changing.
  2. [Proofread] How did this work out? I can see the aperture opening and closing when looking into the lens. Robert
  3. Hi Ryan, How did this work out. I got my old Scoopic 16 (not an MS) re-celled and am having exactly the same problem with the exposure control. I can't remember from when I used to shoot it if the viewfinder changed with f-stop setting. It's not happening now, and I wonder if I can set accurate f-stops and shoot using a light meter. Best, Robert
  4. I marked the film plane on the outside of the camera after opening the camera to find it. Cheers, Robert
  5. Canon Scoopic remote -- Hi Ruben my Scoopic 16 (not 16M) takes a mechanical remote cable release. Best, Robert

  6. Hi all, Any ideas about malfunction of the CdS exposure control system for this camera? The batteries are new and read a full 6 volts on the bottom post. I scraped and cleaned the connector on the camera. The Auto system just doesn't turn on. Looking forward to shooting a roll of film again anyway, using manual exposure settings. Thanks, Robert
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