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  1. WTB Eclair ACL viewfinder, old style okay, please PM me. Also looking for Arri 35BL video assist, B&W or color, NTSC preferred.
  2. Looking for an Arri 35BL 2, any condition, for parts only okay.
  3. Arri 16SR3 Advanced Super 16mm camera with internal NTSC Video Assist, 3 Mags, Extension Finder, Batteries & Charger. Runs quiet and smooth, listed on ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/223471803975?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Looking to sell within U.S.
  4. Hello, I'm the guy looking for Arri 35BL parts on ebay. Can I email you directly?
  5. Forgot to mention that I bought the last Nikon conversion mount from Aaton France - mount was about $500, but I never had it installed.
  6. Bought it a few years back from a Canadian cinematographer, who bought it new from Aaton. He did mostly commercial work, but switched over to Alexa. I believe it was originally 4 perf, but it was factory converted to 3 perf.
  7. I'd like to get around 10K USD plus shipping. The camera is in beautiful, almost new condition.
  8. Large, lightly used, personal camera package for sale, includes: Aaton 35-3, 3 Perf Super 35mm camera with flickerfree NTSC video assist 4 batteries - may need to be recelled 8-400' magazines, all in good running condition with covers, some with cosmetic marks Large viewfinder extension and case Rods, handgrip, cables, small viewfinder extension Original 4 perf movement and gate Original Aaton Nikon lens mount with shims, never used 6 additional viewing screens, various markings Leather barney Travel cases for everything except 2 mags and barne
  9. I’m looking for an Arri 35BL2 body for parts. Condition not that important.
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