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  1. Hi Raymond…. I have MK2 - 25-250mm Cooke 35mm gee484@gmail.com Send me email if your interested.
  2. Want to buy scoopic magazine adapter scoopic 400’ mags Scoopic teleside convetor. Please get in touch. gee484@gmail.com
  3. Cooke - 25-250mm - MK2 - Outstanding condition. Ikonoskop SP-16 - Body only. available separately Direct message me for pics!
  4. Hi Matthew, I own Ikonoskop SP-16 . willing to part for right price. give me and email for more details. Mark Gee London.
  5. HIHi Petr I wondered if this lens was still available? g e e 4 8 4 @ g m a i l . c o m Mark
  6. I'm also interested in one of these. If anybody has?? Cheers Mark Gee
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