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About Me

I have a strong appreciation for lighting and the study of its interactions with materials. I am currently studying micro-reflection kicks (seen with hard bounces and skin), brightest possible bounce, and my arch nemesis: coarse brushed metal. I try to teach when I can and share my theory and solutions on Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/stephenlightstudy/

I work on infomercials (Direct Response TV spots), 2 min to 30 min lengths. I light 5-cam and single-cam shows, location and studio. Crews of 3-10. And use FS7 & FX9 on PL and EF glass.

My favorite fixture is the Mole Super Softlite 2K (with eggcrate). Ianiro Redhead in close second.
My favorite diffusion is Opal frost.
I love Thai. And live and work in Tampa Florida.

I'm open to chat and discussion on the subject of lighting.

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