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  1. There's also this guy who made a setup like this (but on a K3) using a GoPro with - I'm assuming - a macro lens, attached to the viewfinder. https://www.instagram.com/p/CT_zgfKqYvs/ I imagine a gopro would be light enough to be supported by some kind of attachment to the viewfinder. Instead of this arm/rig to hold it there? I'm still having doubts if such through-the-viewfinder setup will be good enough to really focus with properly.. how does that work for you @Kevin Neal?
  2. Wondering what you guys think of this, unlike the (I'm assuming) previous model (judging by Jacob Epsteins photo of May 21) it's now possible to view through the viewfinder and video assist at the same time.. https://www.instagram.com/p/CQnlrv4C9uR/ How would this be achieved do you think? An additional beamsplitter prism to route some of the light from the viewfinder towards the gopro, which is in the body somewhere? To clarify: I don't plan to buy one of these K4's, just wondering how it was done and if I could do something similar with a reflex bolex.
  3. Hi mike! Did you ever end up doing this? Iā€™m considering it too and was wondering how it worked out and how you fixed lens support! thomas
  4. Thanks for your reply! Yes I am somewhat new to film camera's šŸ™‚ Or at least still inexperienced/naive enough to want to try this haha. I was aware of the complications though I think I might have them covered. I'm thinking of getting a 20" cable release trigger and a remote camera for the viewfinder (this one to be exact). As the camera is designed for telescopes it shouldn't have too much trouble with the low light and close focus range. (allthough I have yet to try this but I'm optimistic) Just wondering if anyone here has done this with a K3. I've seen people do it with bolexes but the're a bit smaller and lighter.
  5. Hi all! I'm new here! Learning a lot from this forum already by reading back previous topics on the K3 (which I own). I was wondering if anyone has any experience in using a K3 (or similar) with (modern) steadicams/gimbals. Want to try this soon (with a DJI Ronin M) and thought maybe someone might have insights or experiences to share! Also I'm looking for someone who services/repairs camera's like this in Europe (or to be more precise The Netherlands). Any tips? I'd especially like to brighten and potentially widen (to s16) my viewfinder as its pretty dark and my k3 was modded to s16. Thanks in advance for your advice šŸ™‚ Best, Thomas Harmsen Amsterdam.
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