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  1. Hi, I'm looking for some suggestions for a zoom in the 70-200 range, constant aperture, that has a similar look to the Tokina 28-70 AT-X PRO AF/2.6-2.8. AKA "poor man's angenieux". It needs to be adaptable to sony e-mount (FX6) , and possibly don't cost me an arm and a leg... And no Nikon since I know the inverse focus direction will drive me mad (It will be used mostly in a documentary style shooting scenario, where i will pull focus by myself). I don't care about autofocus or stabilization. I'm thinking maybe a CONTAX ZEISS VARIO SONNAR 70/210:3,5T* could be a good match, and I found one in a photography store here in my hometown, but I'd love to hear some thoughts from you... Sorry for my poor English. B.
  2. BMPCC4k has a 2.6K windowed sensor mode that should be around the same size of super 16mm film, so any zoom made for s16mm should cover the cropped sensor without vignetting.... IIRC that 2.6k crop mode was added in firmware update 6.6 If you're lucky to find one used, go for the Canon 8-64mm T2.4... Really lovely glass. B.
  3. try the saturation mapping to limit the gamut in a CST node in resolve
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