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  1. Hey Mark, is the sachtler still available? 

  2. That is a steal right there. It doesnt say, how many hours was on the camera? And I second david, any issues/regrets ?
  3. Hello Danner, I've messaged you. Please reply back at your convenience. Thanks
  4. Hello Danner, 

    Are you still selling the Arri Alexa  Classic, and does it have the option to go to 4:3? 

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    2. Danner Gardner

      Danner Gardner


      Apologies for the late reply. I've been dealing with some things out here. If you're still in the market I can send you a video of the Alexa powering up and whatever else you might want to see. In terms of the price, I can come down to $5,500 if you can pay for the shipping. Let me know if this works for you. Thanks!

    3. Harry Masson

      Harry Masson

      Hello Danner, 

      I've met a seller over the phone in NY who has offered me a similar package for the same price. Would you be able to come to about $4600 and I'll cover shipping?  All my jobs are cancelled here in NJ, but I'd like to use my time with mandatory quarantine to play around with this camera. Also which state would you be shipping it from?


      Harry Masson

    4. Danner Gardner

      Danner Gardner


      Unfortunately I can't come down that far. I have somebody else who just offered me $6000 but I'm paying for shipping. It would be shipping from CA.

      -Danner Gardner

  5. Hey thanks Rick, but thats quite overbudget.
  6. interested in an arri alexa plus if any have one for sale. Thanks
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