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  1. Yeah... i feel like it would contaminate his skin if it was a light. Might be a cool color and have then been shifted towards cyan in the grade
  2. Thanks David - your knowledge is always very welcome and seemingly never ending!
  3. Hi everybody, I just saw Hugo by Martin Scorsese DP'ed by Robert Richardson yesterday. Shot on alexa and cooke s4's (quite amazing to think you can get that camera for 5-10k nowadays). i was wondering how one would go about creating a look like this. There is some definite "teal orange" going on, but i feel like it is more refined than we see in a lot of films. It looks like this was achieved more so in set than in the grade, where some films push that look afterwards. I know this is a 150.000.000 million dollar movie and the set design and overall look is d
  4. Hi Rick, is the price negotiable, do you ship to europe?
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