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  1. Hi Thomas and Teunkie Thomas--I was just wondering how you got along with your power supply? I recently (like 2 days ago) acquired a big lot of 16mm gear including an Arri S and and Arri S/B (both working), a Tobin sync motor, the Tobin miliframe motor, the Arri variable motor, and the Arri fixed speed motor, two 400 foot magazines, torque motor.. (and a broken Beaulieu R16 and loads of glass). Anyway was curious what you came up with for power. I do like the idea of using V-mount batteries. I have a few of those already and I need to test the Arri motors. Both cameras worked wi
  2. I'm a purist and prefer the original aspect ratio. And visually this is not a very interesting video.
  3. Hey there, was anyone successful at getting a repair manual for the R16 and willing to share? I got one in a lot of camera stuff and was able to hook it up to a power supply. The motor ran for a few seconds then stopped but the camera shows that it is getting power. It probably just needs a good cleaning and lubrication. I was going to have a go at it. If anyone has it can you send it to me to at cherylhessfilms@gmail.com by email or WeTransfer would be great. Thanks.
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