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  1. AFAIK, ARRI did develop a successor to the 435, which could film at 240fps. They never released it though.
  2. Sony could make a film-digital hybrid camera using SLT tech. Film in the back, sensor above the mirror.
  3. The closest thing I have heard about is Red's Motion Mount. I'm sure there are similar products. For cinema cameras, I'd prefer an EVF to an OVF. That way, you could have a fixed pellicle mirror that transmits 1/10 of the light upwards towards the sensor.
  4. Same! Of course you'd need a few million, so let's say $8M to allow for cost over-runs. Motors have gotten very silent over the years. I was very impressed when Leica released a dead-quiet focal plane shutter that was introduced in the M10-P.
  5. I have no serious advice to give, alas. But, if you'll allow me, I'll think aloud. So, the modern Kodak stocks are really really good, but they don't give the same, super rich look as some of the older stocks can give. Two of my favourite films in terms of image quality are Blade Runner (5247) and Eyes Wide Shut (5298). I wonder what it would look like to print 5219 onto 5203? So instead of printing to 2383, print to a camera negative. You will maybe get too much contrast, so the 5203 to which you are printing can be 'overexposed' by a stop, then pulled. I have no idea how this will look. Or, print 5219 onto Ektachrome for an IN, then to 2383. Or any irregular combination. Maybe print to Gold 200?
  6. I presume you watch film analysis videos, like on this channel? https://www.youtube.com/@collativelearning/videos
  7. I still want to see it, though. It's amazing that it took this long to finally make.
  8. Good to see some 16mm representation! I just love that format.
  9. That gave me some pretty strong acrophobia! LOL
  10. It looks good to me! The less post work you need, the better, I think.
  11. Purely hypothetical. But, I am confident that I am at least 50% correct!
  12. Vision3 is indeed a terrific b&w stock! But its latitude is 15 stops at best, whereas a multi-layer b&w stock could give you 20+ stops.
  13. I would like to see Kodak release a b&w film with several layers, which would give a huge amount of latitude - more than any digital sensor today. Who knows if they will even bother thinking about it.
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