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  1. I’m quite young qurrently working mostly camera and gaffer assistant jobs. I can honestly feel the effect heavy physical and high intensity work has on my body after long days, weeks on end. I kind of feel like this is definetly going to have an impact on my body after years have passed. It can’t be super healthy right? How do you cope with it? Workout routines?
  2. Selling a zoom lens which is based on the well-respected Zeiss 10-100mm s16mm zoom lens. This lens was modified by Optex to turn it into a macro lens. To achieve this they changed the focal length from 10-100 to 12-120. It has the zeiss look - and you can use it on the red at 2k mode or alexa at 2k or pretty much a lot of cameras these days. Suitable on digital cameras as Panasonic ( GH4, GH5, GH5s), BlackMagic ( Pocket & Pocket 4k) The "must have" for any Super 16 film camera as Arriflex ( Arri SR1, SR2, SR3, Arri 416) Full super 16 coverage. No vignette. Great
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