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  1. Hi ! I am also interested in buying a Switar 16mm RX lens! But I don´t think u still have them..ha? Ciao, René
  2. Hey Dom! A big thank you! All questions answered ! I will look through the lightmetering posts and shoot my first testroll next week! I went outside yesterday and tinkered around with the 16-100 lens....It looks awesome through the viewfinder. Not as bright as the Beaulieu 4008, but maybe 70 percent with aperture opened fully. Totally useable. (Not like the H8 I bought l....) One thing that could still kill the film is that the TAKE UP SPOOL turns a little bit "wobbly" or "unsteady" when I shoot (tested without film of course). It gets better after 1 sec. But I can pretty easil
  3. AH, one more... Does anybody if the ASA setting on the KERN 16-100 changes the aperture / OR: what does it technically change? Does it only give information to the build in light meter - or does it actually do something to the lens or aperture as well in manual diaphragm mode? (OR: Do I have to adjust it to the film speed when I expose manually - or not?) THX
  4. Thanks so much Dom! It´s great to get such a well written advice - especially since I became really frustrated when I got the camera - finding out that the exposure meter is broken - and the Lens is not as wide as I expected. Anyway, I am happy to say that all the stuff u wrote is clear to me now - since I googled and googled for days - but your summing up makes it feel like I do actually know now. What I still don't get: How could I stop down 1/3 or 2/3 stops on the camera? I thought stopping down 1 stop means from one figure to the next (like 5,6 to 8). There are no spots in betw
  5. Hello! I´m new to this forum and it´s a pleasure to be here! I´m not a pro (sorry!) , but I film my own music videos (because I´m a pro musician, haha). Mostly shooting with my BMPCC - but recently with my serviced (and gate widened) Beaulieu 4008. Last week I went crazy and bought a Bolex SBM with Kern 16-100 lens. WUHU! Planning to shoot my first test roll (bright sunlight, Kodak 50D) - BUT, I don't have any clue HOT TO EXPOSE CORRECTLY with this camera. The build in lens light meter doesn't work anymore. SO, could u please please help me out here? -Is the
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