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  1. Hey Dom! I would gladly answer your question and help other people. But in this case the guy who does the service doesn´t want to be mentioned. He told me this and i gotta stick to it. Sorry! (He converted my SBM and it works fine. We talked about converting the EL already.) He´s located in Europe. Maybe I can/will ask him again. But I think Europe isn´t your region anyway, ha? Best, René
  2. Hey! I might sell my bolex EL. It can be converted to super 16 before selling. I have a tech on hand. It is the electric model with new battery. Looks like new. Everything working. What is your price range? (I also have different lenses and other accessories for it for sale). Rene
  3. Thanks guys! I´m gonna check out Topfoto in Switzerland. Mutascan doesn't really seem to have one right now. I will also try to talk to Kodak. Maybe that will help. Shish, spent thousands of euros on my Bolex SBM and EL and all Kern lenses plus super 16 conversions...and now I cannot film. Hope it gets better from here! Thanks again!
  4. hey alexander! thanks for your offer! i will write you if/as soon as I need stock. It´s not that I don´t have any left in the fridge - it´s just that I was wondering if I am the only one being anxious about Kodak not delivering new stock. I am a hobby 16mm shooter - so i thought there must be many people out there who shoot professionally. And i wondered how they deal with the unavailibility of film. Plus, I just bought many lenses and a second bolex EL. If there is no stock - my cameras are pretty much useless and prices will drop. So, still happy to get more infos if anybody knows something. René
  5. Hi Everybody! Am I the only one who is desperately looking to buy 16mm Vision3 Film stock and can´t find it anywhere? (Mostly Europe based) At first I couldn´t find any 500T rolls, now i can´t get ANY vision 3 stock. (50D, 250D, 200T, 500T). I am looking into using my big bolex magazine and buy the bigger rolls - but, I would have to convert my magazine to SUPER 16 and it´s big & heavy. And even the big rolls are sold out by now. Anybody got a clue what´s happening? Or places where I can buy? Thanks! Can´t wait to shoot again! René
  6. Hey! I bought a non RX kern 10mm switar lens for my RX SBM Bolex camera from Calkovsky last year. Rudy said that it will fit my RX camera, though I was hesitant. He said it´s gonna be sharp because he collimated the lens for RX. I have only shot 2 testfilms but cannot really get sharp images. (My poe100 is supersharp, the camera has been serviced by a pro).. The lens was pretty expensive and I also had to pay 150 euros import taxes. He wrote a much lower value on the package, but that didn´t work. Bummer. After googling about 20 or more hours to find out if a collimated non RX kern will be okay on a RX bolex I am still unsure and frustrated. And afraid of using the lens. I got in contact 2 weeks ago - but he insured me that the lens is okay. He said if the image is sharp in the viewfinder, it will be sharp on film. I am not sure why, but that´s just not the case. There is a lot info on the internet saying it can/will never fit the RX model. I payed about 700 euros for that lens including shipping. Rudy said it´s too late to return the lens. So, that´s my story. I am frustrated, but not really sure if it´s my fault. If anybody knows more about the AR lens on the RX model.... I´ll be happy to hear about it. Wish u more luck... René
  7. Hey guys! Thanks for your feedback about the Bolex video! 😀 I hope it´s okay to answer to all of you here - I have to figure out the forums functions more I guess! Anyway, spot on with the quirky European approach Dom ! Haha, that made ME smile. I guess it´s the way I like doing things. I'm not a very technical guy - that´s why I love vintage gear. It´s easier to handle. But, I tried my best to focus and expose correctly. It was not easy though, because I shot the whole video with my partner Marlene - and sometimes there was no time to check the exposure. (I bought a Sekonic studio deluxe III for that purpose - it works great - also, I acquired the original Gossen Bolex Lightmeter now - it also does the trick!). Workflow was: Driving around with a rental car on 4 sunny days. Looking for nice places in Malta. My supercheap Tripod broke on the 2nd day. So that was extremely frustrating. I basically shot 2 roles a day. Meaning I had reload the Bolex in the rental car. In total darkness. Doing that the first times was a real adrenaline push. Haha. I hadn't even finished the lyrics to the song yet... so, yes, singing my song blasting out of a too quiet iPhone was not very sync-friendly. Funny enough we didn't really have problems with that in the editing stage. So, basically we just had this 80 dollar tripod, the BOLEX SBM H16 and 7 rolls of KODAK vision 50D. And a bag full of funny clothes! Marlene was filming me when I didn't film her. And it was the first day she got to hold and use the Bolex. I guess she's very talented! I took the 7 rolls back home through the airport scan...no problems I think.... and send them off to germany for development. Yeah, so many things to do better next time...but honestly, I love the quirky approach and want to have a lot of imperfection in it! Ah, and what I forgot to say....I spend so many days trying to find more 16mm Bolex stuff....there´s just not enough out there! Go and shoot !!! This camera is so awesome! (I didn't even have it cleaned or serviced yet). PS: Does someone know someone who could convert it to SUPER 16mm in Europe ?? Thanks, René
  8. Hey Guys ! A big THANK YOU for helping me out months ago when buying a BOLEX 16mm CAMERA !! I just premiered my self-shot music video and I get a lot of love for it. I am a musician and not a professional Cinematographer ... I just shot the video to make it fit my music. BUT...a lot of time was involved, plus 7 rolls of KODAK 50D .... and a flight to MALTA. So, thanks again to you nice motivating people ! And give me a comment if you like the video ! (If you have questions...just ask...I like people!) THX, René Mühlberger from VIENNA. VIDEO on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkbWfWq93BI&list=RDgkbWfWq93BI&start_radio=1
  9. Hi ! I am also interested in buying a Switar 16mm RX lens! But I don´t think u still have them..ha? Ciao, René
  10. Hey Dom! A big thank you! All questions answered ! I will look through the lightmetering posts and shoot my first testroll next week! I went outside yesterday and tinkered around with the 16-100 lens....It looks awesome through the viewfinder. Not as bright as the Beaulieu 4008, but maybe 70 percent with aperture opened fully. Totally useable. (Not like the H8 I bought l....) One thing that could still kill the film is that the TAKE UP SPOOL turns a little bit "wobbly" or "unsteady" when I shoot (tested without film of course). It gets better after 1 sec. But I can pretty easily stop the spool with my finger. I hope that is normal. Let´s see. The 50D is in the Fridge and it´s gonna be sunny in Vienna next week ! YEAH ! thanks again! this is a really great forum ! René
  11. AH, one more... Does anybody if the ASA setting on the KERN 16-100 changes the aperture / OR: what does it technically change? Does it only give information to the build in light meter - or does it actually do something to the lens or aperture as well in manual diaphragm mode? (OR: Do I have to adjust it to the film speed when I expose manually - or not?) THX
  12. Thanks so much Dom! It´s great to get such a well written advice - especially since I became really frustrated when I got the camera - finding out that the exposure meter is broken - and the Lens is not as wide as I expected. Anyway, I am happy to say that all the stuff u wrote is clear to me now - since I googled and googled for days - but your summing up makes it feel like I do actually know now. What I still don't get: How could I stop down 1/3 or 2/3 stops on the camera? I thought stopping down 1 stop means from one figure to the next (like 5,6 to 8). There are no spots in between - so what do I get wrong here? I guess I´m gonna buy an sekonic l 398 light meter. Looks good and vintage - I love that! Would u know if a used old one is also okay? I mean, do they wear out? Final question could be: Is the 50D maybe so "lowlight" that I would just go out and shoot a test roll with aperture fully opened? It worked on my Beaulieu 4008 on a summer day with 3 rolls. The exposure needle was in the right zone the whole day. I know it would be kinda dumb - but I don't know if I can get a lightmeter that fast - I really should shoot the testroll in the next days... HEY; thanks so much! This forum kicks ass! I´m also into old VW´s and those forums are great too! I´ll keep it pre-1980 with my gear. Love vintage mechanic that much! SO reliable ! CIAO, René ps: if ANYONE sells a switar 10mm RX I would happily buy it.
  13. Hello! I´m new to this forum and it´s a pleasure to be here! I´m not a pro (sorry!) , but I film my own music videos (because I´m a pro musician, haha). Mostly shooting with my BMPCC - but recently with my serviced (and gate widened) Beaulieu 4008. Last week I went crazy and bought a Bolex SBM with Kern 16-100 lens. WUHU! Planning to shoot my first test roll (bright sunlight, Kodak 50D) - BUT, I don't have any clue HOT TO EXPOSE CORRECTLY with this camera. The build in lens light meter doesn't work anymore. SO, could u please please help me out here? -Is the only way to expose with the F-Stop wheel ? (Or, does changing the ISO on the lens actually do something to the aperture or shutter speed? my guess I no) -What kind of Lightmeter do I need? Or App? -On the beaulieu I basically filmed almost every scene with fully opened aperture (1.8). Also Kodak 50D. That worked so well ! Could that work here too? SO, generally speaking, I need a lot of help with getting started... please please help ! Any advice is extremely appreciated !!! (I will/can post results of the Beaulieu shooting if you want. It looks terrific imho) THANKS, René from Vienna
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