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  1. For sale at ebay.de eBay-Artikelnummer: 312470332385 Kern Switar RX 1,6/5,5 mm für Bolex H8 RX c-Mount mit Ultrawide Aspheric
  2. Have a look at ebay.de eBay-Artikelnummer: 312470332385 located in Germany, worldwide shipping included
  3. Robert, how about DS-8 processing and splicing? Thanks, Volker
  4. One B&H 200 with the underwater equipment is sold. Still for sale: 1 Camera body Bell&Howell 200 with Cosmicar lens 1,4/25mm 4 refillable 50ft. cartridges, 3 modified for 1 perf film, 1 original for 2 perf. Asked price 200Euro
  5. Still available Nobody interested in the entire package? We can split: How about the cameras only without the underwater equipment? 2 Camera bodies Bell&Howell 200 with 4 refillable 50ft. cartridges, 3 modified for 1 perf film, 1 original for 2 perf. Please make an offer.
  6. Up for sale: B&H 200 16mm, 2 bodies, used, fully functional Schneider Cinegon 1,8/10mm Cosmicar 1,4/25mm 50ft. film magazines, 1 original for 2perf. film, 3 modified for 1 perf. Marittima underwater housing with 2 halogen lamps, customized for B&H with Cinegon 10mm, All in working condition. Asked price 600 Euro Located in Germany
  7. I love my home theater with Super 16 projection and synchro sound. My ACL is slightly modified and produces a 25hz signal when running, Besides O-tone this signal is recorded on one track of a 4 track recorder and serves as a slate and synchro signal. Final sound is recorded on CD. My projector is a Bauer P5 from 1960, all metal, manual feeding, modified to S-16 and halogen lamp. The projector gives 1 impulse every frame and can be synchronized with a dedicated CD-player. Volker
  8. Hi Mark, if this is what you need I can help you, please send me an email. Volker
  9. Still available, there are 4 days left on ebay. Located in Germany. Worldwide shipping with tracking would be 6,20 Euro.
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