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  1. In case it's a fixed Aaton mount and you can't unscrew it, you could use an ARRI B to Aaton adapter to have access to unlimited ARRI lenses. I have that type of adapter and could part with it. Good luck, Volker
  2. Hello Francesco, please let me know, if you are interested in an Schneider Aspheron Ultrawide lens. It's size III for Variogon and Optivaron lenses, screw mount 62 and 67 mm. Cheers, Volker
  3. The macro feature at the wide end is also used for focussing the Schneider Aspheric ultrawide lenses. The combo results in a 3,5mm lens, sharp and without distortion, at least with my Leicina 6-66 Optivaron. Good luck, Volker
  4. Hello Francesco, perhaps I could part with one of my magazines. All french, late series with divided pressure plate. Please send me an email, Volker
  5. Hi Jon, it's me, the guy who sold you your RX5 S-16 some years ago. Hopefully you are still happy with this camera. If you use the locking screw in the free turret hole and the tiny fixing lever on top, a lens up to around 1,5 Kg should not be a problem. I regularly use my Vario-Switar 16-100 (1,4Kg) or Nikkor telelenses up to 300mm, the old Ais 4,5/300 ED lens, with or without additional support. A good idea is to use the large Bolex compendium as support. If you don't already have the turret locking screw, I could help you. By the way, in 2010 I have been traveling with your Bolex and the above mentioned lenses in Western Australia, Murchison River, Shark bay and down south into the forests. Never been in the eastern states, except Tasmania. Love it !!! Let me know if you need the turret fixing screw, I could part with one. All the best, Volker
  6. No problems with ACL and Leica lenses. I've used a lot my Summicron 50 and 90 mm lenses with ACL II and Bolex RX4 with perfect results.
  7. Hi Edward, some M-C mount adapters don't fit the Bolex, they are too wide in diameter to go with the turret. I could part with mine, if you are interested, please send me an email, Volker
  8. Perfect results with my RX4 S-16 and Apo-Summicron 2/90 Asph and Apo-Telyt 3,4/135. Infinity and all distances are spot. Good luck, Volker
  9. Lens adapter ARRI baj. and standard mount for ACL cameras is sold. Still available is an adapter to use ARRI baj. mount lenses on Aaton cameras. You can find it at ebay Germany ebay nr.: 312931653456 Thanks, Volker
  10. Lens adapter ARRI standard to ACL ebay nr.: 312931617215 is sold. Still available: 1) adapter combined for both ARRI standard and bayonet mount to ACL camera, quick release, 2) adapter for ARRI bayonet mount to Aaton cameras, quick release, You can find it at ebay Germany ebay nr.: 312931634656 and 312931653456 Thanks, Voker
  11. For sale on ebay Germany: Lens adapter ARRI standard and bayonet lenses to ACL and Aaton cameras. ebay nr.: 312931617215 / 312931634656 / 312931653456 Located in Germany, worldwide shipping
  12. Hi Tim, yes, still available. It's like new, complete with cable, manual and original box. Send me an email. Volker
  13. Hi Mikko, Instead of the clip on battery box you can also use the remote controler ST1. It serves as an electronic single frame controler, but also as a simple power pack and remote control. I have two of them and could part with one. Volker Located in Germany
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