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  1. Hello there fellow Dp's I have started an everyday tv series (Drama/ shoap), and was asked from the production office and the directors to change the way Antenna tv channel treated all the programs of the same type untill know. You see I come from the advertising field, so they have choose me for this. Problem is, that I have realise that there aren't any good reference monitors in the whole production facilities. The technical advisor of the whole TV channel told me to look only the osciloscope. Hehe, that has nothing to do with art and aeshtetics anyway. Also he insists that the ikegami monitors we use are great, even that I believe that are of a monolithic (80's) technology.I can't see any whites in them! Now check this out. I discovered that the guy that is doing the cameras calibration, prefers to go with the knee adjustment knob full right, something that ok it gives me the whole latitude of the ccd's, but crushes the highlights too much. I have corrected this by going somewhere in the middle of the knee. Question. Where I should go for the faces? 60-70% for day interiors, and 50-60 for the night interiors? All the shooting is in a tv set. I have big windows everywhere, wich I have them overexposed to give the bright sunlight that burns the winow effect. Sometimes I go over one volt. Is this ok? Regards Dimitrios Koukas
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