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  1. Tom Bays

    How NOT to direct

    And That's the Truth
  2. Great job editing the trailer.
  3. Tell them to overdue it...make up a reason...just lay the reasoning at your feet. Sometimes what you feel you are saying isn't always what comes out. Tell jokes and start the take when you feel they are in good spirits or in the spirit of the scene.
  4. I understand what you guys are saying but now it seems to be getting out of hand. I find myself looking at the blown out...out of focus background more than the subject at times. I think we have gone beyond functionally artistic into the bizarre. Things seem motivated by personal interest instead of story.
  5. I think Shallow depth of field has become a crutch to compensate for a lack of interesting shots. It is almost like they are shooting cheap commercials. I watch many old movies and for the most part they weren't obsessed with such things. Maybe, with black and white it isn't as important, but still I think with the advent of the digital filmaking people have just gone nuts.
  6. The movie looked like hell and I don't know if they knew this and decided it was still the look they were going for. HD doesn't have the same experimental latitude of film. I will say I can't stay in the movie when i'm watchin Mann's LOOK? recently. That is bad.
  7. Test out is a video output on the camera. You can set it up to show what you want on a monitor. F-stop, Zebras and so on. I would think you can do that on this camera, though it really doesn't help with the problem I suppose. It can be used to log time code. I use it as a viewfinder output for a monitor that attches to the top of my camera. The regular Monitor out doesn't let you see all the extra info.
  8. Can your read memory card info- test out?
  9. If all fails don't leave it on your shoulder if you don't need to and have someone help you take it on and off. Even be a spotter. Don't straighten you legs if at all possible....Your joints will kill later if you lock those Knees.
  10. I've never had a C-stand bend like that. The light doesn't seem that big. Anyway the stand arm should be at a 45 degree angle. It looks like the stand is toucking the track anyway so just move it forward.
  11. Tom Bays

    The Descent

    You were dead on...it was a very good movie that deserves more discussion than Miami Vice IMO. Every shot was well thought out and like you said the lighting was motivated by circumstance not oh this looks cool. Everyone should see this movie. Let me add...I'm no easy scare and this movie actually made me jump a few times.
  12. I consider "The Warriors" and art film.
  13. Tom Bays

    28 days later

    I don't think I've ever seen anything shot on the XL1S with it's native lense. Is it that bad?
  14. a successful director is one who makes a lot of money and continues to do so.
  15. I will say that if someone gives me a suggestion or does something I don't want...when possible I try to give them a reason why. But then my biggest decision since my shoots done generally last more than 3 hours and a fair amount of moving around consists of do I have time to light or am I going to Illuminate. The goal is still to make things look nice and not unmotivated...but you make more decisions with lights from 125 to 1k.
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