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  1. I need the "non-Bright" version for the Sidefinder. So no, but thanks for the offer.
  2. I'm going to revive this 19 year old thread, because still there seems to be no index. Even a general Google search does rarely help, if I search for "[film title] + american cinematographer magazine". I did tests with films I know that are covered, but no results on Google.
  3. Hi together, I am looking for a SmallHD 502 (not the "Bright" version) in Germany/Europe. Can be used of course, but in a very good state. Thanks in advance Jannik
  4. Hi community, I made a "tool" in the form of a google sheet that lets you enter your vintage Angénieux lens serial number and then shows you the corresponding production year of that lens. The data set comes from the book Angénieux made in Saint-Héand, Loire, France, 2nd Edition, by Patrice-Hervé Pont, published by Atlantics in 2003, ISBN: 2-912848-22-9 Here is the file: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dM1nChUn4zMoc33ZFnvuciJtG5ONO0L2JPVUnshDteo/edit?usp=sharing You can download or "make a copy" of it for your own use. Cheers, Jannik
  5. According to the video assist on set it was the Alexa Mini LF and rehoused Canon K35 primes.
  6. That looks like an ALEXA GUI, but i don't know which model. I guess a LF or even 65 because of the super shallow DOF. I think it might be vintage lenses, because there is no IRIS data visible in the GUI. Thanks for the tip with the video, after I finished the series, I will watch the whole thing and maybe I can get a glimpse on the lenses.
  7. Hi community, does anybody know what COPENHAGEN COWBOY was shot on? Neither IMDb nor ShotOnWhat? nor the DPs website state the camera-lens-combination. Thanks in advance! Jannik
  8. Hi Baltasar, can you tell me the T-Stop and the Serial Numbers of the lenses?
  9. Thanks @Robert Hart for all the tips, I will come back to them, when I find time to work on the lens ?
  10. Hi Robert and Dom, thanks for your answers and insights! I'm sure it is fungus, you can see it better on the second photo above and on the upper right corner of the hot spot. Also these longer marks in the first picture are on the inside glass elements, so I guess they are unlikely to be cleaning marks(, which are commonly on the front and rear glass, right?) Also when I looked inside the lens with light it looked much more like Dom's example images. I just did not manage to perfectly capture it. @Robert Hart It's not a Cooke, it's an old Angeniex Zoom. I will use it to train to disassemble and clean a lens, when I have free time ?
  11. Good day community, is this fungus? And if so, is it a danger for my other lenses? I heard it is contagous, but I don't know how much? Can I keep this lens in a box in the same room or do I have to get rid of it as soon as possible? Never had to deal wirh fungus before. Thanks in advance, Jannik
  12. Hi Charles, thanks for the offer, but I am not looking for that lens. Best, Jannik
  13. Hi community, I am looking for an Angenieux Zoom Type 6x9.5 / 9.5-57mm / T1.8 HEC It's the newer version with HEC coating and T1.8 instead of 1.9. Thanks in advance, Jannik
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