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  1. Good day community, is this fungus? And if so, is it a danger for my other lenses? I heard it is contagous, but I don't know how much? Can I keep this lens in a box in the same room or do I have to get rid of it as soon as possible? Never had to deal wirh fungus before. Thanks in advance, Jannik
  2. Hi Charles, thanks for the offer, but I am not looking for that lens. Best, Jannik
  3. Hi community, I am looking for an Angenieux Zoom Type 6x9.5 / 9.5-57mm / T1.8 HEC It's the newer version with HEC coating and T1.8 instead of 1.9. Thanks in advance, Jannik
  4. Hi community, I am looking for the book "Angenieux" by Patrice-Hervé Pont, 2nd Edition (or a newer version, if one exists). Preferably in English language (the only other language is French, as far as I know). It seems to be part of the series "Foto Saga". Thanks in advance, Jannik
  5. Hi community, I am looking for an Angenieux Zoom Type 6x20 20-120mm. Thanks in advance, Jannik
  6. Mine does not. Attached you find the original brochure of the lens. Thanks for that resource! Although I see some errors and missing data.
  7. Source: http://camera-wiki.org/wiki/Angénieux_serial_numbers 1935-1941 up to 15000 1942 ~15000 1943 ~25000 1944 ~40000 1945 ~50000 1946 ~65000 1947 ~95000 1948 ~120000 1949 ~150000 1950 ~175000 1951 188190 1952 205144 1953 252953 1954 333942 1955 374494 1956 422225 1957 457710 1958 489029 1959 656782 1960 772739 1961 892237 1962 983620 1963 1048806 1964 1089651 1965 1133553 1966 1165206 1967 1197971 1968 1218594 1969 1243618 1970 1276691 1971 1303945 1972 1363733 1973 1374029 1974 1388527 1975 1407046 1976 1425572 1977 1436738 1978 1445937 1979 1451571 1980 1460230 1981 1468987 1982 1473032 1983 1476845 1984 1484276 1985 1504607 1986 1517838 1987 1524014 1994 ~1548700
  8. Dear community, dear Angenieux experts! I got a set of four vintage Angenieux lenses which all match very well. I learned that there are newer, better coated HEC versions of two of the four lenses. I plan to convert my set to PL, but now I think of investing in the better HEC versions before I do the conversion. But I am afraid that the two HEC lenses will not match as well with the non-coated lenses, from which there are no HEC versions. These are the lenses: Angenieux Type R7 5.9mm T2 Angenieux Type 6x9.5 T1.9 (T1.8 HEC version available) Angenieux Type 10x12 T2.5 (T2.3 and T2.1 HEC versions available) Angenieux Type 20x12 T4.2 What do you think? Also if you have any information/sources on the different versions, I would be really thankful if you share them – it’s so hard to find anything. The best thing would be a list with serial numbers and years/versions. Thanks in advance, Jannik
  9. Hi Gabriel, somehow I was not notified about your reply, sorry, I am just reading it right now. The shift was constant. I say "was" because with the latest firmware update (PageOS 5.1.1) the bug is now gone! 🙂
  10. Any updates on this lens? Do you have test footage that you can share with us? Any experiences with it in a production environment? Thanks in advance! Jannik
  11. Thanks for your detailed answer. Tried that, but didn't solve the problem. I might just live with it.
  12. Thanks, Andy, that is helpful information. From that I derive that for properly filming screens, you need to genlock sync them with the camera, no matter what? So every MacBook and iPhone you see in films / television (which is a lot these days) is synced to the camera via genlock? How do you do that, if I may ask? (Haven't research that myself, yet)
  13. Also tested in different Apps, YouTube videos and a 2017 MacBook Pro. All the same issue. It looks like frame interpolation.
  14. Good day, I get this "ghosting" when there is movement on the MacBook's screen. In this case it is vertical scrolling. It's a 2012 MacBook Pro, but the same effect appears on my much newer iPhone XR, so I guess the problem is screen independend. I'm in Europe. I tried shooting @24fps with all available shutter angles the camera has to offer. I'm on a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K. I also tried 25, 30, 60 fps @ 172.8° – no solution. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance Jannik
  15. Hi community, I got a problem with my SmallHD 501 (Rec.709 Gamma 2.4, no LUT, no change in RGB values, PageOS 4.8.6). When I use the "Crop & Scale" tool, the colors shift at the moment I activate the tool. When I deactivate the tool, the colors shift back. It is a rather small shift, but still clearly noticeable to the eye. Example video: https://vimeo.com/janniktesch/501 I testet it with with different video inputs and the bug is reproducible on each of them. The official support tried for weeks to help, but have no solution. So maybe one of you has had this problem and has solved it? Thanks in advance. Jannik
  16. Thanks for the input. I am using it to get the camera physically closer to the actors. No macro applications. I am using an Angenieux 9.5-57mm Zoom for 16mm from the 70s with 1.4x Extender (used as Expander). Front diameter 64mm. And a Angenieux 25-250mm Zoom for S35, also from the 60s/70s, its close focus distance is around 1,5m. Front diameter 110mm. In the end I am looking for a good quality glass – if an achromatic on is not needed for that, fine. Heaviness and thickness is not relevant for me.
  17. Thanks for your reply Joel. I assume you mean the price of the Tiffen is low? I am not familiar with close diopters. Do you have a recommendation? I'm looking for a full field +1 diopter. Rental houses seem to have the ones from Schneider Kreuznach. Thanks in advance.
  18. Hi. I read that achromaticity is important when it comes to close diopters to reduce chromatic aberrations. I am looking at the Tiffen model but the website doesn't say "achromatic" anywhere and I was wondering if this is because it goes without saying at this price or if I am not well enough informed about diopters. https://tiffen.com/collections/diopter/products/138mm-full-field-diopters?variant=31246735409223 Thanks in advance! Jannik
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