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  1. Its very nice and very inspiring. Really nice work. It excites me to work on a small feature soon. Good luck! Anyway, I love the edit and music too. :)
  2. Hi David. They look really great! I like the car scene coverage. I wonder how long it took you guys to finish that scene. =) I liked the crane shots too that looked like they were really near the windshield as it was moving. You must've had had a really great team and really good drivers. =) Anyway, I cant wait to see more of it.
  3. Hi thanks. It was a mixture of several things I used. The most effective foregrounds for me that time were plastic bottles, crystals and different types of corrugated glass. I usually hand held the materials myself so I could give it a slight movement while the light hits it. It always needs a very minimal backlight or depends on the effect or intensity of reflection you want. Your right, I only chose isolated areas and not the whole part of the lens. Some effects happen unintentionally and it just looks really beautiful so you just try to keep it at that position.
  4. I really like it. Its very nice. I shot a commercial (visit link below) last year and I used a lot of glass and clear plastic foregrounds with the help of some lens flares. I hope I was able to make some shots look like yours. Nice work. =) http://ja24fps.multiply.com/video/item/90/Nescafe_Maestro_30s
  5. I finished shooting using the Phantom HD at 1000fps. I did not see any flicker using the 18K flicker free with a DC generator. I only used the 18K once since most of the shots were available light.Thanks
  6. Thats very interesting. Im using the Phantom HD next week on exteriors and we plan to shoot 1000fps. I''ll have an 18K, 12K and 6K on set. I hope it does not show any flicker. This is the first time I'll be using HMIs for the Phantom HD although I'm planning to use available light if necessary. Is there anything else I have to watch out for? Thanks
  7. Good luck and God bless you on your recovery. Think positive. Your contributions have been very helpful to all of us. Wish to see you recover soon.
  8. JA Tadena


    Got it . Thanks a lot guys
  9. JA Tadena


    Ok. I havent checked the HVX manual yet. Your'e right I guess the 24P/1080i must be some HVX term for the pull down your saying or something else. But that weird format is really in the recording format option menu of the HVX-200. I'll look into that as soon as I can.
  10. JA Tadena


    Yeah i recorded at 24P/1080i. The recording format options are: 1080i/60i, 1080i/30P, 1080i/24P, 1080i/24PA, 720P/60P, 720P/30P, 720P/24P, 720P/30PN, 720P/24PN, 480i/60i, 480i/30P, 480i/24P, 480i/24PA. The factory default option is 720P/60P. (http://www.jkor.com/peter/hvx200.html) so i guess 24P/1080i is interlaced then. Then HVX-200's 720P/is the only true progressive. Should this be right? thanks BTW, david how did you find out that there is a pull down when you say 24P/1080i? thanks
  11. Doesnt it look like it was shot from a video camera and uploaded in "you tube" ? I guess its hard to tell how the original images looked like especially with You Tube. I hope they have a downloadable link of their samples.
  12. JA Tadena


    Yes I also wanted to clear this. I just shot something with the HVX-200 this morning on blue screen. We also had a pc setup so we could capture the video afterwards. We set the camera on 1080i/24P. When we played back the video in the PC we saw interlaced frames on some images. I thought when you set it at 24P then your scanning each frame entirely for all the 24 frames. I guess I was wrong and thought the same as Mr. focus71. We should have just set it at 720P/24P if we wanted a true progressive scan since the HVX-200 doesnt have a 1080P. So how come I get interlaced frames with a 24P/1080i? Thanks
  13. Hi guys. Ive shot a few car ads and Im just recently wondering how you guys boost down the car's headlights. I usually put ND gels on top of it (cut exactly the shape of the headlights) but the problem is when the car needs to turn off the headlights then you can obviously see the nd gels on top of it. I guess the only way is to boost down the voltage of the electricity or wattage of the bulb unless your not allowed to touch the car like that. Anyway, maybe any of you have suggestions or tricks on this. Thanks.
  14. Looks very nice. I wonder if its going to be released here in Asia? BTW, its sad to say but I recently was walking around here and saw a pirated DVD of "Akeelah and the Bee". I guess its released even before the orignal DVD is out. I remember I attended a small film festival locally with Fernando Meirelles attending for his film City of God. At the end of the awarding ceremony, someone asked to have a signature on the City of God DVD. Fernando Meirelles was shocked to see a DVD of his film before it was even released in his country. Each DVD copy is sold for about 75 pesos(about a dolloar and a half). I know its killing the film industry but DVD piracy is just everywhere here. Thats really sad for the film industry but happy for all the film dvd buffs locally. Anyway, I hope to see "the Quiet" in cinemas around here? What lenses did you use?
  15. Well Im not sure if your scene is supposed to be sunny or not. But ideally the best is to get your sources as soft as possible. Maybe bounce off an 18K to a white griffloyn to a limit where you camera wont see it. If your lens is too wide or you cant afford an 18K maybe just use a frame with diffuser and light it with a 4-6K Arrisun. I also would get some small kinos (diva lights, or 24" kinos) to be safe for closeups. Lighting the car interiors is easy. Getting your camera inside is the tough part. I usually rent a T-REX lens if you CANT take off parts of the car. You'll also need a super panther dolly or magnum dolly with a u-bangi or sidewinder to push in the T-REX further inside the car. (im not sure if the terms i use are the same in your country) The T-rex works like a probe lens but you can tilt, zoom, and rotate the lens according to your framing http://www.pstechnik.de/en/trex-trex.php Good luck.
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